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  1. This is only about 16 seconds long, but it's Lego and I love it. Dude, Paul, that French movie is awesome! Bobby, great idea!
  2. Ya, it looks half-suspicious. I like this one better: You did a good job on those, Bob.
  3. Nice costume, Michael! You looking forward to the new Indiana Jones movie coming out? Well, I didn't really do anything on Halloween. I just stayed home, did math, and watched an episode of "The Office".
  4. Well, here are mine--and in no particular order: 1. Equilibrium (Awesome movie). 2. Gladiator. 3. Band of Brothers (Though, this might be under "movies"). 4. Blood Diamond. 5. The Patriot.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. I would, however, just take a precaution and run an IP Address search and see if any of them match. Yes! *Gets motivated to start posting more* Well, technically, you can create more than one accounts with only one IP Address--I myself have three siblings (two haven't posted in the longest time) that are here. Unless it's a new rule that's been waved within the last two years. But yeah, who in their right mind would create several accounts just to win a magazine subsciption? Unfortunately for us, Erik, there are plenty of people in this world that aren't in the "right mind". By the way, congrats to Michael for making the most successful topic of the year.
  6. Wow! Looks cool, but I'm sure it looses the "coolness" after a couple of hours. Ash is a good fertilizer, right?
  7. Is it possible to age three years in a few hours? But seriously, this magazine looks awesome. I should have my local library subscribe. Good luck to all participants!
  8. Interesting. My Mom said there's someone coming to her college giving a lecture about the same thing (If I remember correctly). Do you know if Bryan War-Perkins is touring the world doing this?
  9. Hey, Red 08! Welcome back! You probably don't remember me, but back in your day I was still a n00b and all that. Sorry, I haven't seen Barbettini in awhile. Welcome back, man! -Joe
  10. All right, dude, WFG has two options: or
  11. Haha! Argy, we both know that means you now have a negative outlook on spam. Congrats for making post 2,700, by the way. Michael, will those campaigns be historically accurate? Are you, by any chance, doing Attila's quest for domination? Is there going to be a Flavius Aetius character?
  12. One's got to wonder how he stopped on the highway part. Just saying he went uphill isn't very exciting, so don't say it, Desmond.
  13. Dude! He even passed a motorcycle! That looks so sweet!
  14. Geez, I so need to get on IM and talk to you guys more often. *remembers the days* I would love to help, but I really don't know how. If there's anything an unskilled person can do, just let me know. I am, however, interested in the advertising of this game (banners, wallpapers, ect... [i guess you could call it 'media']).
  15. Get stone drunk? Haha, congrats on your next big step in life, Oyvind! 3 years left... 3 years left... 3 years left......
  16. Haha, "loyal forummers". I like that. I'm off to swim team, I'll try to do it later. Thanks a bunch, Michael!
  17. Welcome to the boards, Ways! Don't feel bad about the FAQ, there has been much discussion on the redoing of them. They're old. The forums here at WFG is, what we call, 'the calm before the storm'... we're just waiting for the kick-off of 0 A.D.. By the by, you can call me Joe. And once again, welcome to the boards!
  18. Mmm, I just did another one. To tell the truth, I'm not too pleased the way it turned out - but it was only an experimental. Feel free to use it at will:
  19. Haven't forgoten about this, WhiteTreePaladin. I just got final permission to make this public: Flickr! Enjoy!
  20. Umm, I am signed up there, but I don't think I've ever posted. Oh, sweet! Suprises! Lookin' foreword to it. I didn't think you would set up a PR Department, but can I still volunteer some banners?
  21. Another one I just put together: Is there anything wrong that I'm doing so far? -Joe
  22. All right, here's a banner I quickly slapped together: What do you think? Anyone remember the spear? All of the animations I used are from WFG, by the way.
  23. Wait a sec, I thought the Greeks disdained and didn't use anything in the military that was used by the horse saying, "A horse's only ability is to carry a man swiftly from the battlefield (Or something like that)." Will the Greeks have horse units?
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