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  1. Haha, Hei, Ronja! Minun nimeni on Joe, and I like to speak a lot of languages through different online translators. I hope you enjoy your stay here. I believe we've got some people from Finland around, though, don't quote me on that. And don't think you're not wanted. Ah, I see you're interested in Linux, my pet AI penguin. He's always messing up my MSN IM. If you have any questions just PM me. Well, see you around! -Joe
  2. This is a very interesting system. Tell me what you think. Oh, it's all in Russian.
  3. Whoa! Awesome! But I've got a question, who is that big greyish Persian giant?
  4. Dude, so awesome! I wasn't looking forward to this until I saw that video. Thanks, Paul!
  5. Ah, with Sylvanus Alexandrios in charge, what did you expect?
  6. Oh, dude, that's not very cool. Well, since we're talking about injuries, I sprained my wrist once. Does that count?
  7. Hey, James! Welcome to our humble abode. Here's to you becoming a part of our community. Cheers! Sir Silvanus, Lord of Xanthus
  8. Hey!!!! Haha, well happy birthday, Josh! 20 is an awesome age.
  9. Great gods, simply amazing... beautiful! I've waited so long... *clears eyes* Thanks WFG!!!!!
  10. Haha, thank you so much, Michael! So awesome.
  11. Dude! Awesome news, Joshua! It's a great article, and I give you a hearty congratulations!
  12. Welcome to the forums, Andrew! Hope you can join the team.
  13. Lol, I'm not familiar with either team. I was rootin' for the Colts because their name is cooler then Bears. Go Colts!
  14. Beautiful concepts, guys! Thanks!
  15. I learned most of my geography playing Axis and Allies. The board game, by the way.
  16. Hey Mark! Welcome to WFG! I'm Joe, and if you have any questions you can email Paul.
  17. Haha, except you can't have a retinal eye scanner on your door or a stationary 50. cal covering it. I'm sure the no weapons is hard for you Paul.
  18. Haha! That's amazing. I talked to somebody (Canadian) and she says that a lot of Americans that she has talked to believe that Canada is like buried under ice and snow. With igloos everywhere and people running around with dog sleds as the usual way of life. You can probably fool a lot of people about your home country. People are gullible.
  19. Haha, but you share it with people don't ya? Oyvind, have you looked into renting a dorm room? I've heard those are terribly small and have strict rules. But if you don't like paying $1,100 a month you should try.
  20. This looks pretty frickn' sweet: http://www.hamiltonspectator.com/NASApp/cs...l=1014656511815
  21. Seriously? Beta? So sosososo sweet!
  22. Hahaha, totally the gameplay video. Can't wait.
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