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  1. Easier then rules.ini? Are you serious?
  2. Welcome Ubertheman, I think we all hope that.
  3. Lol, is 0ad going to be as easy to mod as command and conquer red alert?
  4. Haha! Gotta love that Argy, two birds with one stone. And you should probably make that fall or winter 07.
  5. Haha! Awsome Ideah. Keep up the good work guys!
  6. Ummm, why... did you throw up on chelse? Hahah! That would be funny. Throwing up on your first date would be HORRIBLE and funny in the next 10 years.
  7. O cool! Hard contact? I read that about 6 months ago and loved it. Have you read it before?
  8. Dude congrats! Hope you have a good one! Tell us what presents you got...
  9. Lol, if anyone wants to make one go to: www.Igotshotbydickcheney.com
  10. Totally Romans! Their my favorite Nation!
  11. Yeah, america will probably get a silver in skiing. Opening ceromony starts at 5:30 in the morning! Lol.
  12. Yeah, you guys have done an amazing job with the trees. (I don't think you guys have any of the trees on your site anymore.
  13. I think a cheat in the game should be Gandolf the White and he uses multiple spells. That would be cool!
  14. Welcome Alejandro! Hope you enjoy it here.
  15. Welcome to the forums Mike! Hope you enjoy it here. And BTW that was Cheezy not black op.
  16. Wow, ended at $31,000!!! I wish I could earn that kind of money with a 9 day auction.
  17. I agree, these guys have done a amazing job so far. Can't wait for summer 06 though!
  18. Dude the LEGO STAR WARS REPUBLIC ATTACK CRUISER is on ebay! It weighs over 150 Lb. and has over 35,000 pieces! Anyone wanna bid? Oh, btw this thing has 8 days left and is at $24,000 with 57 bids. Clicky!
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