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  1. Oh that sounds really cool. So each branch uses only one face? Hmm that sounds interesting, but I don't seem to get how your trees still manage to look 3D. I was assuming you guys used Meshes to create the tree trunk+branches. Also seeing that you guys are able to modify the appearance of the trees from the start, any chance that they will sway in the wind or something? Also you didn't say how you create leaves, I believe that was my original question, since those look really cool.
  2. So are those 2D trees, or are you billboarding individual leaves, or groups of leaves? Or are you just using leaf textures with alpha maps over them without billboarding?
  3. Hey guys, Nice project you have going here. I'm just wondering how you manage to have such high-quality trees rendered in real time. There must be so many polygons generated there all at once. Is there some trick to this, or do you just have uber computers?
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