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  1. @ Impeached - Depends what you are going for. Realism is Hades, and LAN party fun is Hell. I'm all in favor of "that's my third head-shot all night."
  2. Dead for days. About two months ago it was dead for about two weeks. It got really boring.
  3. Versus It's just that I like the raiding suggestion, and the hapless soldiers and, and DEATH FOR ALL!!! Sadism rules.
  4. gee i wonder what it could be I think that EE and RON never put enough into ancient or medieval time-frames eg. RON: something like 4 out of 9 ages are ancient or Medieval, the rest all have gunpowder, it's like they (big huge) put it in to stretch the game out a little.
  5. Ahh Stronghold, Rarely has a series been so stuffed by a sequel, a unfinished, poor sequel at that too. Not that S: legends is all that much better, Firefly and 2K really sold themselves short heaps.
  6. The game is a WiP. Expected beta release is Q4 2007
  7. Yay surprises . I hate surprises . Oh well i'll still use those banners. YAY!! banners.
  8. Wow they're heaps good Joe. Hey haven't I seen you on Total War center.
  9. see i knew i was wrong. stupid youth with AoE handbook education.
  10. Me scipii_alemanus got together and were thinking, thinking about how the community here is losing steam and how places like TW center are doing mad/sick/well. Then we (I) thought maybe you should get a group of people to spread the word. official-like. and maybe another part could design sigs, banners and gasp SIGBANNERS ( yay ). SUGAR HIGH< SUGAR HIGH< SUGAR HIGH
  11. From memory didn't the greeks have powerful cavalry and archers but as time wore on they slowly made more use of Hoplitai. By the way I'm just Scipii_alemanus. I lost my password and I stopped using my normal hotmail address as it was to clogged with... I don't even want to know (shows what happens when you give your brother your account name {not password})
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