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  1. -Quote- What do you mean by animate? -Quote- Well.... design make stuff. What info do you need to give out to become a member?
  2. Wow! Sound effects and all! Is that age of empires music? I would join but I can't animate.
  3. I can't live without my computer..... well a little while maybe.
  4. He was here when I first got onboard....... but hes gone now.
  5. Favorite siggie...... sorry randy not you it is...... ah, PinkIsAColor! Awsome sig.
  6. Yep, totally agree with you. Yesterday there were 14 and 15 yr olds smoking at the skateboarding park.
  7. I'd probably make some good movies, like Roman Battles, Greek battles so on so forth.
  8. Summer vacation because I have no idea what to do!!!!
  9. I'm not a very good writer but i'll be happy to judge.....
  10. You've been a great addition to WFG!!!! Happy Birthday.
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