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  1. Acually Catholics have different bibles then Christians.
  2. I hope i'm not getting anyone mad. Well to anwer you're question: The Bible. It's a very good book. What religion do you believe in?
  3. Ah, but we Chistians don't worship mary or any other persone exept Jesus.
  4. Wait a sec. How can all Catholics be Chistains but not all Christians Catholic? One guy on NovaWorld said that to me this is what he said: NailerNomad: All Catholics are Christians not all Christians are Catholics but ALL CATHOLICS ARE CHRISTIANS! Ask anyone. Ask a Catholic ask you priest. One problem there. I don't have a priest. Never have! And I don't agree with what he said.
  5. Oh, you're a Catholic. Do you think that all Christains are Catholics?
  6. At my Dad's machine shop I lost a fight with a grinder. Grinded right through the nail and above the nail. That was scary. :|
  7. Hmmmm, he was a barn cat I think. He and his brother (scout, I didn't name him that.) were almost twines.
  8. Sure Dnas but give me a different kind of candy.
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