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  1. If the choice had been Pizza Hut I would have chosen that.
  2. I'll be going to a chruch, then my Mom and Dad are going out to buy sum chairs. The chairs we have now are soooooo old I think there from the 1800(they belonged to my great grama.).
  3. Yeah, I've got lots more. If you want me to email them to you just give me your email address.
  4. I hope that panguin isn't going to knock your birthday over.
  5. Congrats Wijitmaker, for getting a new puppy and kitten. Hope they will remind you of Barkley.
  6. I think you should have the next option: Do you talk to people from WFG without knowing they're from here? I don't talk to people ( exept Wijitmaker) because I don't have instant messenger.
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