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  1. forget AOM - take AOK-AI as standrad - there the AI know nothing, unless scouted Ideas ? Plenty. I could go evenin detail about some things But no hope that they will be implemented, or somebody listen to me most imortant is that we (we= interested scripters) get a raw frame how the AI-language looks like, first basic commands, some simple example scripts, etc. show us what you have so far. then we can add more and more commands and details how things should/could work - i could start right now working/developing CONCRETE Ideas
  2. awesome btw, since my newer machine can take, you might as well add some more POP probably by selection (as in AOC) or with new techs or whatever -
  3. btw, for the sake of a good and blanced gameplay, i would not nessessarily FORCE a Roman Player (for example) to repeat the failures of history - if there is automatic defeat when a possible persian enemy can use its cavalry it is probaly historical accurate (at least if you want to replay the battle of 'Karrhae' or whatever it was) but it is probably not good for gameplay historical accuracy is good, but gameplay is more important
  4. But i know that the reason of all this "i want to have a learning ai" because the people are not interested in scripting and making thoughts on their own, instead they think they run a fe games with ai and then its perfect. man if this owuld work like oyu think, then somebdy would hve scripted this learning ai and it would be used in every RTS game, becasue the ai could simply learn it - a MOD with new units or differnt stats is nothing less than a differtn game. and if its not completely different than you would just need to ADAPT your current ai - but oyu imagine to play a few game with your ai and then its getting better and better - forget it
  5. its anyway not working like you imagine
  6. or better said, what you deccribe is atndard in almost all ai. my ai train archers and attack the enemy (perhaps with few units to scout) - and see that enemy trains Cavalry - then my ai adds spearman to the mix (assumed spears do good versus cav in the game of course) nothing special, nothing learning.
  7. sounds strange. surely we miss each other. what you describe fit into my imaginaion of smart scripted ai, and not a "learning ai" script it for yourself and we are fine. it has nothing to do with learning things like: ---------------------------------------- "It will also have learned earlier that planes are good against men" ----------------------------------------- should be known to everyone before the ai is scripted so there is no more need for the AI to learn this. but no need to discuss it anymore, surely we completely miss each other
  8. i don`t think you know what i am talking about - hell, i guess yu even don`t know what you are talking about. but anyway - feel free to explain it more - yeah, oyu want that the AI can learn, for example it planes don`t work it should use ships q1: how does the AI know that planes didn work ? q2: (after q1 is answered): how do the ai know that a cerain thing was responsible for a defeat q3: how can the ai calculate something more effective ? q4: how can the ai perform it ? q5: why does the ai then not play the right game from beginning on ? q6: what are you good for then ? and so on and so on - don`t know what you mean with laerning - i can only imagine some very basic parameters to be saved if the map is restarted. that would be learning that i support and can imagine to be implemented in short time
  9. and so on and so on ... == and change mimiltary buildings, economic distribution, upgrades and so on - and i say it again: I cannot imagine how this should work anyway
  10. At least i hope that this learning feature can be disabled, becasue i don`t want my AI learn things, and the next time i start it, it do things i did not tell it
  11. i cannot imagine how this should/would work in reality , but maybe i have just too little imagination and beside that: Why does the scipter of the AI no know that ships don`t work vs Invsion from Ships (assuming your example is right) how will the Ai recognize that and so on and so on ...
  12. I just hope, when it is finished, i just don`t feel that there is a real lack of playability and balance and i hope that the designers of the game make a goof job in terms of playability and balance - and play RTS (or have expierience with the play of RTS) on a high level, so they know what the important points of an RTS are
  13. btw, i cannot think of too many things that would make many differences thogh starting buildings can be ALWAYS checked per MAP-Cheat (or in AOC cc-cheat) to evaluate the starting situations, something that a HUman anyway knows - if he plays an SCN always. so starting situations of the enemies and othe rplayers is of course somehtign that will influence your startegy and knowing them early (as a result of "learning") will help to set up a successful strategy (an Ai specially written for a cerain SCN will of course also take that into account automatically - so if i say that this cold be of use - i mean of course for an "all purpose ai") and then position of certain things like resources will help to get them if they are needed. also "choke points" could be somthing to be remembered. (anyway just optional)
  14. I am very sceptically looking at the "learning aspect" not becasue then i have nothing left to do, instead, because i have expierience these "my ai will learn" thingy is more complicated than "simple" scripting. Why not make the AI use a (several) strategies that "work", and also try to react upon certain things. Then a nice diplomacy sytem that make 8 Player ("free for all") a bit more interesting and it is ok. To make an AI that really learn for itself will not happen within the time-lmit this game should be finished There are some things like it the SCN/MAP is restarted the AI has "saved from the previous" Game the position of the (warning AOC example) "sheep" or other things that are required as soon as possible. to make AI "adapts" to the tactics of the Human it plays against is either: nonsens, or simply a good AI that is able to react upon certain situations nonsens, becasue a working strategy wil already take some things into account, and the things that could "counter" it should be evaluated and if they happen the ai need to react upon that. a learning AI (what will the AI learn ? How to play the game ? Why not tell it how to play the game ) anyway i am sceptical upon learning AI Usually scripting beginners hope to make their wok shorter by let the AI do all the work they do, but unfortuanately (for them)- the AI are far from being able to "learn" anyway like i said, some things could be worth to be "remembered" (saved) when the Máp is restartet (so we need to think about which information would change our way we play if we would knew them in advance) but is only an OPTION no nessessity. First basic things need to work.
  15. Hi !!!! realizing the Danger of getting on your Nerves (ope that makes some sense in english) i just ask about some Progress or just a kind word like "everything is alright" i think it is not too easy what you are aiming on and though i am sure that "too many cooks will ruin the soup" (or something like this ) - i am of course willing to give suggestions or judge about some things (to judge is fun - ) also of course of interest is how the scripting-language (if there is one) wil look like - something like - "it will look like Javascript" makes no sense for me as i don`t know "Javascript" so if somebody could slowly introduce the syntax of the language and maybe present some Ideas - well, i would find that entertaining - of course nothing need to be complete or something, just few notes etc etc and we ask then stupid things - that would be nice
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