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  1. Welcome to WFG. Glad to see someone going by that screenname Too many people forget the importance of the Guards of the Rammas Echor
  2. *tips the hat* There goes the neighborhood.
  3. Suilad, Horse-master-friend I think you'll find what we're trying to do with TLA quite to your liking, and I'm sure you'll be able to put your skills to use here The project is all about free exchange of ideas - in particular we're trying to kind of explore Tolkien's works through these means to counter the kind of mass commercialism that we are seeing due to the effects of the movies (don't get me wrong, they are great movies). For instance - many new 'fans' of Tolkien will see the movies now before reading the books, and thus will have the movie's imagery emblazoned into their mind, instead of their own unique mental image that they can offer to enrich the community experience, etc. So a large part of TLA is dedicated to exploring Tolkien's work through means more 'respectful' to the individual minds of our fans, gamers, members, etc.
  4. Wow, this is an incredible day for the world of Artificial Intelligence!
  5. I've heard this riddle and figured it out but have since forgotten the answer - I'll see if I can remember.
  6. Hmm, I had to choose "Something else", because depending on the circumstances surrounding the laughter, it can take many forms, but I'd say in the most extreme cases it's a cross between hearty and deranged
  7. Geez DA, you can't spread yourself so thin As long as you come up with strict rules for managing your time and industrious enough to carry out the tasks when they need to be done, I don't think it's impossible though.
  8. Yes because they are IN the sentence that'd be correct, even though it makes the sentence as a whole incorrect, because by changing it to two, you've created a problem because there was originally three.
  9. Hmm, sorry but I can't recall any such emblems in Tolkien's works. But I guess I could make extra emblems when I am done with the mandatory ones just for fun.
  10. Elf - these seven here were all originally sketched by Tolkien - I merely adapted them to the realm of computerized artwork and bezier paths The hand was on Tolkien's original, but when I drew that one out, I used my own hand as the reference, so I guess now I'm beren
  11. I don't know, sounds like commercialization to me. I guess I've always seen space as a chance to leave behind earth, to try to exist in a better way than we live on earth, and to me bringing corporations into space would forever ruin that. Maybe there is a better way to live than to try and "own" things or to try and conquer things, and I think it'd only be possible to live like this from scratch - it's too late on Earth.
  12. In America tuition isn't controlled by the government, only certain financial aid pieces and many of those only for the state-run schools, so I don't think many Americans could sympathize with you
  13. I know it's inevitable, but I'm still not looking forward to that :/ I can't stand commercialization.
  14. Here are seven new emblems that I've made into avatars for your usage Fingolfin's Device Fëanor's Device Finarfin's Device Beren's Device The Men of Haleth Luthien's Device (1) Luthien's Device (2)
  15. Well your language shares a common ancestor with German :roflmao:
  16. Ok, this is the REAL 10k post I find it incredible how much activity we've got going on the WFG forums. As I've said over at TLA when we reach landmarks, it's a real tribute to the dedication of the admins and forumers alike. Sic semper WFG!
  17. This is tremendous! *grumbles* It appears this was post 9999 But no doubt there's a post 10000 by now
  18. Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" from the point of view of the protagonist, Gregor Samsa. And in accord with Kafka's wishes Samsa would never be seen directly, but he would be visualized through his surroundings and the effect he has upon others.
  19. Well you can say that if you don't pay taxes.. but personally, this is the sort of thing I'd be happy for my money to go towards. I disagree, this is quite a good investment. First of all, the American people themselves are quite responsive to anything that builds national pride, etc. So by beginning something like this, I feel it will "jump start" the high-tech sector of the economy and keep it rolling as long as the programs are active. And then maybe we'll start seeing some high-tech jobs back in the USA instead of them being exported around the world. And if you recall in the 1960s when we were shooting for the moon, American schools had a major boom in the mathematics and sciences, the effects of which include basically everything high-tech we have today that allow lots of Americans to live (certainly not all) as they wish. I think a program of this nature is a great investment, because of all of the economic benefits that will come with it. As if landing on the moon or mars itself isn't a worthy goal...
  20. Well it's quite a bit more expensive to go to Mars, and we can use the moon as training so that when we go to Mars, we do it right. Also the plan I think is to establish a moon base somewhere between 2014 and 2030 and then to get to mars using the moon as a 'pit stop'.
  21. Yeah that was my senior photo I'm a sucker for B&W
  22. Here's someone I've known for a while http://www.vanacreative.com/randomness/images/adam.jpg
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