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  1. Let's see if I can show the answer in a graphical way. The POWs were lined up so that #3 could see #2 and #1, #2 could see #1 and #1 couldn't see anyone. 3-> 2-> 1-> There were seven possible combinations of beenies: B B B (a W B B (b B W B (c W W B (d B B W (e W B W (f B W W (g 3-> 2-> 1-> The only way #3 would know for certain the color of his beenie was if both #2 and #1 were wearing white (g which would mean #3 was wearing black. But this wasn't that case, so #3 didn't say anything. Since #3 stayed silent, #2 realized that #3 could see at least one black beenie. So according to #2 the possible combinations were: ? B W (a ? W B (b ? B B (c 3-> 2-> 1-> #2 could see that #1 was wearing a black beenie and realized that the beenie on his own head could still be either black or white, (b or (c, so he didn't say anything either. Since #2 stayed silent, #1 realized that #2 didn't know if it was case (b or (c and in both of those cases #1 was wearing a black beenie. 10 points to Licensed Devil for figuring it out.
  2. We have a winner! Way to go Licensed Devil!
  3. This isn't a trick question. POW #1 figured out what color his beenie was. Night Hawk is on the right track.
  4. No, POW #1 was the first and only POW that said anything.
  5. A good guess, but no. The POWs were not standing out long enough for heat to be an issue.
  6. The beenies don't come down low enough so that the POWs can see the beenie on their own head.
  7. No The POWs could not move or else they would be shot
  8. No, the box with the beenies was removed before the blindfolds were taken off the POWs. Keep trying.
  9. Three prisoners of war were taken to a field and shown a box containing two white beenies three black beenies. The soldiers then blindfolded the POWs, placed a beenie on each of their heads and lined them up as follows before removing the blindfolds: 3-> 2-> 1-> (the arrows indicate the way each POW is facing) POW #3 could see both POW #1 and POW #2, POW #2 can see POW #1 and POW #1 can't see anybody. The POWs are not allowed to move and the first time one of them speaks he must correctly guess the color of his own beenie. If he is wrong, all the POWs will be killed on the spot, but if he is right all the POWs will be released. After a few minutes, POW #1 says, with absolute confidence, "I am wearing a black beenie" and the POWs are released. How did he know what color his beenie was? Again, if you already know this, don't say the answer.
  10. Wow, you guys are quick. The first error was that the word "three" should have been "two", so the sentence should have been: Their are two erorrs in this sentence. And then the two remaining errors are the obvious spelling errors. Good job guys.
  11. Their are three erorrs in this sentence. Can you find them? Don't answer if you already know this.
  12. I once accidentally stabbed myself in the nose with a toothbrush. I drew blood...
  13. I can't wait to see what kind of things we will get out of NASA's research. Last time we got Teflon and velcro!
  14. When deciding on the language we examined both Lua and Python and came to the conclusion that Lua was a better choice for our project. Right now we're debated whether or not to stick with Lua or switch to Ferite.
  15. Thanks guys. Maybe this year I'll get the Ferrari I've been asking for...
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