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  1. Quite amazing. Wow, between this airplane and the Viaduc de Millau you Frenchmen have been on top of things lately
  2. I also "resisted" IE for a while. I only started using Firefox because my IE developed some strange habits that were quite annoying. In the end I found that I liked firefox because of the extensions it has: I have a web dev extension that lets me see the CSS of pages really easily, and also various structural components. I have adblock which I can use so that I never have to deal with an unwanted banner ad ever again. I have chatzilla which lets me communicate on IRC. I have a free, built-in FTP extension (fireftp) since WS_FTP is no longer freeware. I've got a news reader built in. And a utility with which to check my bandwidth. I don't even use tabbed browsing.
  3. OT: - Sam is that font Base 02 on your site? (I love that font)
  4. You mean this tests whether or not you are qualified to work in a cubicle I got two right - maybe that's because I work Summers in a cubicle
  5. Yes, calc should be great fun. It is definitely a gateway to higher forms of knowledge.
  6. Let's see. When I was in London a few years back it happened to be the premiere of the movie "Tomb Raider" and I was walking by the cinema where it was opening and happened to see all of the commotion. I got to the front of the crowd and was able to shake Angelina Jolie's hand, and I took a picture as she was headed towards my side (attached) I met Ralph Nader at a campaign rally for his presidency just this past October and he had a lot of very interesting things to say. (Some of you might know my stance on the two-party political dualopoly that Nader likes to talk about) I met John Cleese of Monty Python as he is a visiting Professor at my university (he teaches an improvised comedy course), and he gave a speech in October while watching the Life of Brian with the audience. It was quite cool. Later that night he came to my residence hall (which inicidently is a ridiculous and awesome creative arts program house) and while watching the movie "A Fish Called Wanda", talked to residents of my hall. This summer I was in NYC for this awards ceremony I had to attend and some of the guest speakers were Edie Falco (from The Sopranos) and Russell Simmons (Rap Mogul), who talked with some of the honorees at the event. This is not as famous I imagine, unless you are up on professional baseball, but a player of my local team, Jim Thome, of the Cleveland indians lives in a development close to my childhood home. You used to see him driving his Humvee to the local grocery store. Just on a side note (this has nothing to do with me, but it's kind of cool). My father was a weight-trainer in a gym, very much into bodybuilding when he was younger, and he actually got to sit and talk to the would-be governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Limo, when he was still a bodybuilder making a name for himself, not a Republican politician, a movie star, or anything else
  7. hehe, no one is judging you Welcome to WFG.
  8. We've spent years as "new game developers" making such things on our own... Game development is not a walk in the park, it's an intense and very long process involving many communicative, dedicated, and passionate (nearly insane) people, and a lot of real life sacrifices. So if I were you I wouldn't expect game development to be sort of something that comes so easily. It takes quite a lot to build a game, as we have learned.
  9. Welcome Sirindu! TLA is indeed a 'purist' project. If you have writing talent or a good knowledge of Arda lore, you might want to consider applying as an essayist or consultant. If you think you might want to be a part of the project, you can email me or PM me and I can send you the application, as the app on the website is currently down.
  10. Not quite, fables are stories that are written with the intent of communicating a moral message. Some fairy tales are fables, but not all of them.
  11. Heh, I just ended a relationship so that I could be alone
  12. I visited MIT when I was applying to colleges. As I am a lover of urban environments, I enjoyed it very much. MIT is in Cambridge, just across the river from Boston. When are you going to come visit me, Andy?
  13. 4000 posts, ladies and gentlemen of WFG! This is almost as many posts as the entire TLA forum had back in the old days of heavengames at the time of our departure from that forum system! Tres bien.
  14. Yes, Lasgo is relatively popular in the states. Peter Luts in particular, since he collaborates with the Dutch project "Ian van Dahl" , which produced the song "Castles in the Sky", extremely popular here in the USA. The Peter Luts mix of that song is fantastic. If I am visiting ever, I will do that. With all I have been reading about Belgium in Art History and (soon) in Architectural History, I am getting the itch...
  15. By scene, I do not mean clubs or discos, I mean the actual production of the music.
  16. @Klaas - I think now I was reading a biography of Peter Luts (a producer for Lasgo and also a DJ), who's one of the key figures in the Belgian trance scene.
  17. Erm, seems like it would take all the hyperactivity out of rave that makes, well, a rave.
  18. I don't think it really is, but it's a line I heard on some website I had visited prior to making that post. So I had to write it I think I was reading the biography of an artist and it made a reference to his collaboration with another artist in Bruges, but I forget the exact site. I think there are a lot of trance producers or something that work in Bruges. So it wasn't referring to clubs or even listening to trance, but its production and new ideas concerning it. Types of Trance are popular all around the area, from the Netherlands to Germany. But from what I understand Bruges doesn't have a a bad scene...
  19. Well as a rule, most Americans don't hug. But my European friends here at university do much more often, and I have no qualms about it. And my family is from Sicily, so when they come over to visit, there is a lot of cheek-kissing, etc. Americans are just overly concerened with personal space.
  20. Nice man, I will be living in Rome for a year in two years I believe. So I'll be going on the grand tour during that time Funny how you have a picture of globalization and then you wear a "Nike" t-shirt in others It's everywhere. You should have also visited Bruges, the home of trance I will be making the pilgrimmage eventually.
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