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  1. Ah the devil's postpile is quite similar to the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. Cool formation. Do you know if that's also volcanic basalt?
  2. I don't know how you could say that! I found these clips absolutely hilarious. But perhaps that's because I have little love for the concept of nationalism and don't identify myself with other Americans, or any group really for that matter. I just think these clips are hysterical - especially the clip in which the Governor of Arkansas is interviewed! Great Television - wish we had it here in America
  3. Playing the saxophone is a great way. Playing any instrument for that matter.
  4. I've heard it both ways - btw, we call that an acronym, not a string though
  5. Well the price of Crude Oil at this point is quite high, with the instability of the regions from which the US buys oil (venezuela, middle east), resulting in higher expenses for everything after it in the gasoline chain. It's called the multiplier effect in economics. Basically it means that one effect is going to have multiple repercussions throughout the economic system that add up to great amounds. So for instance - if crude costs more, than the refineries lose more money so to make a profit they have to charge even more, and then the gasoline companies have to charge more in turn. That sort of thing. The government has relatively little control over the prices of gas. Despite what the media might be trying to tell you - they always talk about using the "Strategic Oil Reserve", using those reserve barrels actually won't change the prices much - maybe only as much as three cents. Bill Clinton actually tapped into the reserve at the end of his presidency to help his VP Al Gore get elected, and prices only went down a penny. So people that are blaming the White House for this are either misled or are trying to mislead you IIRC The Saudi government just made a deal with the US government to increase the export size from 8 billion barrels to 9 billion barrels which hopefully will result in some lower prices.
  6. Well to search it I'd tell you to look for Gauss-Jordan Elimination - that's the actual method used. But you could also invert the coefficient matrix and multply it by the matrix each equation equals. 3a + b - c =10, a - 2b + 3c = -7, 2a + 3b - 2c = 15 [3 1 -1]^-1 [10] [a] [1 -2 3] * [-7] = [b] [2 3 -2] [15] [c] This should give you the answers you need. The only problem is inverting the 3x3 matrix, which is usually a pain to do by hand. *waves his calculator about in the air*
  7. Now we have both a Mithrandir and a Mithrandil! Welcome.
  8. Cool I was able to stare long enough in the center of the triangle so that the three topmost sections blended and then eventually the entire triangle became one color, and that was the second from the bottom.
  9. The derivative of the signum function is know as the floor function, is it not?
  10. I've heard it called a "planetoid" (meaning planet-like). Kind of a cross between an asteroid and a planet I think the Kuiper belt is much closer to the gas giants - I believe this might be part of the Oort cloud, where many comets are hypothesized to have been created. Sedna is the Inuit (Eskimo) goddess of the ocean
  11. @Thug - you're using the female calculator there, not the male. You'd really be in the 172 lbs - must have lost some weight since I began running again. That puts me in the 22nd percentile I guess for BMI with a BMI of 20.4. @Eken - try doing it over without using the female calculator and you won't be overweight
  12. A TLA Avatar. Choose from one of the many Either that or a lemur.
  13. lol, I thought it had to do with fending off highwaymen, because if on the left site, the traveler could draw his sword with his right hand. Then afterwards it became a matter of custom.
  14. 6'5" *evil glare at DA* I thought I was tall
  15. Lol, that's a great line Seriosuly though - this could easily have been written by a hacker or someone for the sole purpose of taking away credibility from such accusors.
  16. Here are a few to start: polysemous - having many meanings quaff - to drink (usaully pretty quickly) prevaricate - to go around the truth circumvent - to avoid by going around something (we like to say "to circumvent the truth", which would mean to prevaricate ) circumlocution - using so many words when you are talking about something you miss the point. (or it can be deliberate) malediction - slander or harmful words towards someone. diction - words, that is as in a choice of words used as a whole. volition - either a choice or the act of choosing assuage - to lessen something (pain usually) alleviate - assuage ameliorate - to recover or get better (usually in regards to health)
  17. so do you want the german translations of those words or do you want better american versions of those words?
  18. With Bill O'Reilly as president, I'm sure one of the first acts of Congress would be to change USA to mean "United States of Arrogance". The guy is so caught up in the web of self-righteousness he's woven for himself he can't accept or see anything but himself. Talk-about the no-spin zone - the only thing this spider of a man does is spin The best is when he'll tell a guest "I'll let you have the last word, as we always do." (then he smiles), then the guest offers an opposing point, and O'Reilly reneges on his seemingly courteous statement, interrupts the guest, and throws in his own ideology. Yeah I watch the show because I like to hear as many viewpoints as I can, but often it's an unpleasant experience. But I agree with his views occasionally, and he (or his writers) can sometimes get past their ideology and talk logically and rationally.
  19. Please be advised that our community is not the place to offend people. If you're going to share your opinions, we ask that you be respectful of others'. Just curious though, what brings you to WFG?
  20. Bill O' Reilly in the HoI? Now THAT'S a bold statement Welcome to the WFG forums.
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