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  1. I really enjoyed walking around the area from Picadilly Circus to Leicester Square to Covent Garden. There were a lot of neat places. I went to see a play near Picadilly Circus, which was really nice. The London Eye offers a really interesting view of the city. I also enjoyed walking around Windsor Castle and the surrounding area (namely, Eton). Klaas- You could stay in hostels too of course - I stayed in a fairly nice hostel (for its price) with a cafeteria dinner included. I believe it was not far from the Globe Theater, right next to a tube station. It was a dorm room though - not bad I guess if you are with friends. And the rooms were pretty good quality.
  2. Haha, that was a foolish thing of me to say. (not that I have anything against Belgium but that Belgian DJs are not well known) There are a handful of producers from Belgium who I know of, however. Nice! I know next door in the Netherlands (in Utrecht) there is Trance Energy, which is something like 80,000 It will take a lot of saving before I can make the trip overseas for something like that.
  3. it's not just a party though - it is a week of partying, exclusive club performances, dj workshops, remixing work shops, production workshops, etc. The festival and afterparty are like the crown jewel of the week. It's called the Winter Music Conference. (btw Dutch DJs are pretty much the best )
  4. Anyone else going to this? http://www.ultramusicfestival.us The actual event is a 13 hour, 50,000 person electronic music (mostly trance) party at Bayfront Park, Miami. It goes from 11 AM to Midnight. The biggest DJs in the world: Paul van Dyk Tiesto Armin van Buuren Ferry Corsten Nu-NRG Timo Maas Paul Oakenfold Moby The Crystal Method Carl Cox BT Dieselboy ... over 100 DJs Then there's the afterparty in the American Airlines Area from Midnight until 5 AM. 10,000 people 18+ It's going to be massive and awesome. I'm taking a bus down alone from new york on thursday and missing a day of classes to go there. Is anyone else at WFG going?
  5. Wow, that is interesting... Does your math teacher belong to our forums? Does s/he program or develop games, or have an interest in such things?
  6. Ja, hier kennen wir jemand. und es ist das Internet
  7. ebay? haha wow that's crazy, Klaas. Was the incident reported on the news at all?
  8. (note - I actually study architecture and architectural history at university) The vast majority of Roman Houses would have been built with such "orange" bricks. Then white stucco was placed over the bricks to give them a bright, white facade. There were various other types of stone that could have been placed in patterns as an outer covering, though. Cement walls, called opus caementicium were used, and sometimes concrete walls were faced with irregular slabs of brick, called opus incertem. If they were faced with uniform stones, though it would be called "opus reticulatem".
  9. The Flavian amphitheater is definitely an ellipse. The exterior oval is 510x615 feet.
  10. How much is 2 tonnes of coke worth? That's insane.
  11. Warum denkst du, Black Night, dass Französisch 'blöd' ist? Hast du irgend einen Grund?
  12. Hacking someone's computer is not self defense. Nor is retribution.
  13. Ja, Ich spreche ein Bisschen. Ich habe seit sechs Jahre Deutsch studiert, aber kürzlich habe ich mich nur Latein und auch Attisches (Altes) Griechisch engagiert.
  14. Seriously guys, this is illicit and illegal stuff. Don't make me post about this again. In the real world, such actions never solve problems, they only cause more.
  15. 12.75 an hour? You're aware that's like 7 dollars more than is normal for your age level, right? My first "real" job only payed $12.00/hour. Hopefully I'll be getting a raise this year.
  16. Such things are trivial in the scheme of things. There are many things much more productive to do with your time than to waste it thinking about six goons. Also there's no need for such language or its intended meaning on these forums. I'm sure you can describe your feelings in more appropriate ways.
  17. Awesome. I just finished Scholar One (first rank of the IFV system) before christmas.
  18. Yeah, I am an admin and I'd have to say, italics and bold is enough for emphasis. Anything more and you just lose credibility
  19. I'm taking a diachronic linguistics course right now about the development of English from its roots to present day, and we talk a lot about some of these crazy things.
  20. TLA only has packable homesteads for the Rohirrim.
  21. That's just a phenomenal website, a phenomenal marriage of graphic and web design, a masterpiece of multimedia. And the graphic design on the albums is just spectacular.
  22. Eek, looks like you're using snowblades! I'm strictly a downhill skier - no snowboards, cross country skis. I used to be a pretty good skier since I took lessons for several years when I was younger. Unfortunately I stopped for some reason and now my skis and boots no longer fit me. I live so close to so many resorts in NY now too, but I have no time to go I have fond memories of skiing into the snowboard terrain park right next to the snowboarders with my friends and doing the jumps and pipes. Some of the best terrain was always on the edge of the resort, with natural drop-offs and jumps that were quite high. And skiing down slopes that were so steep as you weave down them you can touch them with your hand *envies the europeans who can go to the alps*
  23. true, but Sir Norman Foster didn't make the Viaduc alone. Anyways I want to see both of them.
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