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  1. Hmm who doesn't this describe? But I think the assyrian nature of the name represents a large part of my character
  2. *imagines DA in a zoot suit with a top hat and six-foot long gold chain and pocketwatch* *goes back in dark corner*
  3. I hate the standardization of the American public school system. I suppose any other type of public school system wouldn't really be feasible though. Whenever government controls something on a wide scale it becomes standardized. Anyways, I've always thought public schools could benefit from a lot more emphasis on creative thinking and individual learning than what the current trend of standardized testing, proficiency levels, classes and distinctions offer. Schools focus too much on the grade of the student and the ranking of the student and competing with numbers, whereas I've always thought learning should be a more intuitive, organic experience. But those are just my random ramblings :/
  4. Call me slanted, but I think this work is of a pretty nice quality.
  5. New Updates on his mod: http://www.vanacreative.com/bome/media.html He just finished an Edoras Map, which is quite accurate to the books, complete with correct numbers of barrows in correct places crowned with Simbelmynë [smile.gif] He's got the fords of Snowbourne, several farms, his original Rohan tall grass, and the Golden Hall! There is a mapshot and several supplementary screenshots to boot. Also of note are the unit updates in the units section. He's currently working on a balrog, olog, and wyrm of morgoth [wink.gif]
  6. well I looked up "como" and found no such word but anyways: came
  7. Ich habe in anderen Fälle "Thread" gesehen. :/ Nur ein Fehler.
  8. *hebt armen in der luft* So ein Thread ist lang überfällig! (Jetzt kann ich diese Spräche benutzen. Es gibt wenige Orte im Internet die (ist "die" hier richtig, oder soll es "wo" sein?) ich Deutsch schreiben kann. Um Prophet: Man muss "Ich will Deutsche sprechen." sagen. Um akya: Man buchstabiert das "Auf Wiedersehen" Wieder + sehen (again (later) + to see, so literally the phrase can translate to "Until we see again or something, hence "goodbye")
  9. Gwaihir (one of three eagles that saves Frodo and sam) Landroval (one of three eagles that saves Frodo and sam) Meneldur (one of three eagles that saves Frodo and sam) Thorondor (King of the Eagles in the first age of Tolkien's works) Aiwendil (Name of Brown Wizard, friend to small birds) Arathor (Noble Eagle) Menelthor (Sky Eagle) Manwë (name of the god of eagles) Eluthor (Blue Eagle) Thorluin (Blue Eagle) Palanthor (Wide Eagle) Palarevion (Far-Flyer) Heledir (Kingfisher) Thorchir (Lord of Eagles) Menelhir (Sky-Lord) Fimroval (Slender Wing) Rovalluin (Blue Wing) Eluroval (Blue Wing) Rovalmir (Precious Wing) Tologroval (Trusty Wing) Bainthor (Beautiful Eagle) Rovalbain (Beautiful Wing) Merilin (Nightingale) Randir (Wanderer) Menelrandir (Sky-Wanderer) Elurandir (Blue Wanderer) Oltharoval (Dream-wing) Reviohir (Lord of Flying) Reviomir (Flying Jewel) Some names mostly in sindarin elvish, relating to birds
  10. Hey, welcome! (everytime I refresh and look at your posts per day, it goes down )
  11. Yes, let's go for it. If we send everyone in the community a PM to remind them to contribute to the Word asssociation as much as they can we will get some major threads going
  12. Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand Wheelock's Latin 6th edition (i was teaching myself with a library version before) Friends Play Fisher Tull (very obscure CD, solo instrumental music of fisher tull - a saxophone piece I'm studying is on there [sarabande & Gigue]) Sonata (Opus 19) - Paul Creston (solo piece for E-flat alto saxophone) yes, strange stuff.
  13. Quacker you've been misled As friedd0g said, they cut his scene from the movie about a week before the New Zealand (world) premier, so he boycotted it. He's (I think) the only really well-red (in Tolkien) actor on the cast. A lot of the actors had the chance to read the books and just decided not to (Elijah Wood, for instance))
  14. Trust me, neither would have Tolkien! Christopher Lee actually boycotted the movie because they cut his scenes :/
  15. Hmm, I think this might be more symbolic than anything else. It had to be done, but President Bush is wrong in saying that Saddam's policies were a direct threat to the USA. I think we're worse off now than we were before the war personally, but I think that can change eventually. If they do a good job of interrogating him, maybe they will turn up something useful concerning WMDs. And I heard Rev. Al Sharpton say something ridiculous on this when I was watching CNN earlier. He said that if we interrogate Hussein and he leads us to mass destruction, it doesn't justify the reasons the USA went to war. First of all, if there are weapons of mass destruction found and proven by Hussein himself, then the administration could NOT have been lying. Sharpton said that the administration said that it went to Iraq because it "knew" it had weapons of mass destruction, and that by "ascertaining" information on weapons of mass destruction, the administration is still not vindicated, because it would have interrogated saddam post facto. This is garbage to me. If the US interrogates Saddam, it's interrogating to PROVE its previous "conjectures", not create new conjectures. While I agree that going to war based on conjectures is not a good policy, if that conjecture turns out to be proven, what does it matter that it was conjecture at the time? I'm only being realistic here. There was a threat that the administration saw, and if interrogating Saddam Hussein leads to proof of that threat, then I'd say the war was vindicated. I think Sharpton's just a bit in disbelief that his whole position could come crumbling down If anything this capture will do more for American politics than Iraqi politics I mean, the racial tension is not going to miraculously alleviate and then all the Iraqis will hold a giant pen and sign a pristine document. There is still going to be violence, and there is still going to be tension, because some people still cling power, and others crave it.
  16. I live in good ol' Ohio where we commonly launch lots of things into the air I live in a pretty secluded area, so if there's a big empty field somewhere around, no one cares if you blow stuff up In fact, me and some of my friends built a little shoulder mounted rocket launcher with an electrical ignition. But that was pretty primitive. Our next little project is to construct a 2.5m or so tall trebuchet - we already built a prototype to study the mechanics, a small trebuchet, less than 35 cm in all dimensions, but it can fire a ping-pong ball sized object 9 meters So I guess I prefer the more mechanical stuff to the explosive stuff.
  17. Developing Computer Games Fine Arts, watercolor, pen and ink, acrylic, pencil, colored pencil, et al. Alto Saxophone, both Jazz and Classical (classical saxophone has a very small following though ) Reading - my reading list is often overbearing. There's too much to read and too little time. Philosophy, Fantasy, History, and the Sciences are among my favorite topics. Language - I'm always trying to teach myself a new language. I've been working on latin for about six months now. Running. Having a good time with friends, of course.
  18. I saw previews for it - I don't think it's my kind of movie. I don't really like humor that's too explicit and "manufactured" I guess. I like it to be a bit more subtle, because it rewards you in two ways
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