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  1. Oh... speaking of cool unused features, I present to you Ancient Wars: Sparta. Found the demo more than a decade ago, can't run it because of my crappy computer. Recently ran across a gameplay video of it, turns out someone decided to remaster the game to a stand-alone mod... Not sure about the legality of such "stand-alone" mod, but I got curious and played it just to check some features out, though I haven't yet record or take any screenshot. So here's another gameplay video of the mod: In short: (Potentially) great engine, so-so game. Some features that 0 A.D. can take note: - Soldiers atop of ships, similar to Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War. Soldiers can also be seen training in barracks. - Nice looking UI. I particularly love this soldiers on ship that is shown cleverly in GUI. - Research is done per equipment, and you can design your own soldier according to weapons you have researched. Although I'm not sure the suitability of this feature in a historical game, and arguably this is adding micro, this is still great for mods. - In a similar note, stable train horses, not cavalry. You can then order soldiers to mount the horses. The mechanism is similar to garrisoning ram unit in 0 A.D. - Good animations. Still far from AoE3 level but quite good. If you want to try the game, I recommend to go straight to skirmish instead of the buggy tutorial and campaigns.
  2. The people from Europa Barbarorum team has compiled a list of bibliography as well. Most of them should be suitable for 0 A.D. as they cover similar era. I am currently reading A Day in Old Athens; a Picture of Athenian Life by William Stearns Davis for references of my mod. Has anyone ever finished read this? How accurate is it, historically? The book is available for free here. So far very immersive and easy to understand, albeit a little slow.
  3. I recognize this game! Ah... Empire Earth II... The RTS with so many cool features but ended up rarely used. Though this map is great for multiplayer.
  4. So slave as resource and lootable from enemies? I think this is great. So you can tribute slaves to allies as well. You can even rename this to Manpower/Workforce resource if you want to be PC. My addition probably would be that slaves have XP and can be promoted to serf, freedmen, or even citizenship in some civs. And also perhaps some dangerous work locations (like mines or quarries) should have health draining aura, so in some cases slaves are better option than sacrificing citizens to mine silver or something. Although I still want slaves to be capturable though. It just makes raiding resource spots more exciting in DE.
  5. Helots in Sparta are different than Athenians slave, IIRC. They are state-owned and also join war as missile units, while Athenian slave were personal property and never enlisted as soldier. My idea is that slave should be limited to one per citizen
  6. Yes. I have the edge and I installed the stable one in separate folder, both are playable. But they still share My Games / 0ad though, so beware of mixing up mods and saved games.
  7. Silver is still a kind of metal though... Precious metals, that is. Perhaps "currency" is more appropriate? Regardless, it's true that in this time period the world is not yet fully monetized, and I feel like my mod currently overestimate the importance of money. I'm still thinking of a way to depict several ancient economy concept e.g. liturgy, levy, and wealth tax properly in 0 A.D, if possible.
  8. This is a very interesting idea. So this is like mixing RTS to city building genre games, where player only define regions (residential, industrial, etc) and let the game populate it... or depopulate, depending on your economic condition. Although deciding on player's level of control is important here, lest the game could play itself without player's intervention.
  9. In that case, I think 10 /20 one is the best, personally. I always interpret the "/" as "from", though, so in my view that is more intuitive.
  10. The mod is now updated for 0AD Alpha 24, but only for Phase I, i.e. various building aura have been implemented, but coin resource is not yet implemented for A24. From some sources I read, it seems that while coin were already used as currency in 0AD time period, taxation is still raw resources in many civilizations, so my mod can be completely wrong in some regards (Please CMIIW, actual historians). I will do more researches on this meanwhile. You can download the mod at mod.io. The newest version is still waiting approval, so it is not yet appeared in 0AD mod downloader.
  11. Current config is fine (11 / 20) but if you want to display additional text I'd prefer this one. Probably something like: Used 11 (Available 20) something like that.
  12. Is there any justification why do Kushite's unit names spelled with consonant only? Is it similar to Arabic language (written with consonant only but readable)? Are there any approximation to how did they talk?
  13. Hi, When I run simulation in Atlas involving two syntagmas, I get this error occassionally. Is this normal?
  14. Hi @nifa, sorry for not replying earlier, I took some time off of 0 AD modding. Is it possible? Probably, but it is texture then, and not aura. Last time I checked, aura range always use player's color, means that it cannot support texture, only alpha (CMIIW). I don't have any expertise in 3D modeling and texturing, but I'm sure that pavement can be supported. Is it desirable? Personally, I want it ... Though I still don't know how. I'll start modding again after A24 releases, perhaps.
  15. Anyone ever played The Fertile Crescent? Graphics are not as flashy, but offers interesting take on mixing AoE and Stronghold mechanics. I like that citizens consume foods and can starve. It's under development but playable. It's also free. https://lincread.itch.io/the-fertile-crescent Also, is there any plan for 0 AD to be on itch.io?
  16. Speaking about Kushites, I started the page on 0 A.D. wiki but haven't got free time to complete it. Anyone wish to help is welcome.
  17. Phase III Update So I have started building Phase III, but due to my inexperience with ancient history, took a long time. Right now only Athens has been reworked. It is playable, but AI cannot upgrade building yet so it is recommended to not assign AI to Athenians for now. This should be compatible with current version of City Building Mod, but it is recommended to play it separately as I haven't tested the integration fully. Notable changes: Phasing is now automatic, but Agora still has to be upgraded first, from Village center to Town center to City center. Market and Fortress are now unbuildable, but upgradable from buildable village center. Agora can now trade, so bartering can be done in village phase. Athens can now build Siege Workshop and Stable. New units and technologies based on social class. and more. Enjoy and let me know if there's some bug or some gameplay changes that don't make sense. Citizen-Mod.zip
  18. Great! My suggestion is that I think 0 A.D. wiki can be a great baseline for your project, at least the outline can be used. If you're going this way, then it should be easier since you don't have to work from scratch. You just have to add what you think should be added and remove irrelevant parts, for example historical background, i.e. why this faction is in-game, why are they represented by these units, etc. If these seem overwhelming to you and seemingly required extensive research, worry not, as it was already researched by 0 A.D. team right here in this very forum. References on historical background and concept art, discussion on gameplay designs and balance, it's all here. It is just a matter of finding the correct threads and extracting the knowledge for public consumption. I believe the guidebook you're trying to create will be very useful, as it will not only help players to understand the game, but also rope people who are interested in the history to play this game. Even game devs could potentially integrate your guide into the game in many ways. The problem is that this game right now is still unfinished, so any detailed information about gameplay could potentially be obsolete at any time. So my suggestion is to focus less on the gameplay and more to the historical background and concept arts.
  19. Hi @Syn! I think this is a great idea. Is this book intended to be an e-book or physical book as well? I imagine game guide like the ones included in many old RTS games, a mix of brief historical introductions and gameplay guide. Have you seen 0 A.D. Wiki? It seems to have similar goals with you, although this is very light on historical facts and more like brief information of game components.
  20. Shameless plug of my mod in action. Thank you @ValihrAnt for sharing your experience! I hope everyone has a good time trying City Building Mod.
  21. What is the status of Aristeia Mod? While the gameplay of this mod is going to be very different from Aristeia, perhaps some assets can be reused?
  22. How about different alert based on territory? So if your building/unit is attacked in your territory, then the alert would be "Your territory is attacked by <enemy>", to differentiate it from existing alert, which will only be used if your units are attacked outside of your territory (e.g. when attacking or scouting).
  23. So it is similar to the system in Age of Mythology/Age of Empires III, I assume? I know it is not 100% what you want, but have you take a look at Upgrade component? The example of its implementation in the game is Sentry Tower, upgradable to bigger Defense Tower. Its function is to change an entity to another with certain cost and technology. You can even upgrade a building into a unit and vice versa, as seen in Terra Magna/Delenda Est Nomad factions where tents can be upgraded to wagons and back to tents. You're gonna have to create three separate civic centers for that to work though, each with different heroes and technologies. And the Upgrade button is placed in upper rows with other trainable units and not lower with other technologies. Also there's no fancy selection dialog box. These are good but the selection choice is triggered in the beginning of the game. There need to be modification to trigger the selection on phasing. OTT but how did you make the mockup? Is that SketchUp?
  24. If I understood this correctly, the percentage is the final result, therefore it is the one that should be displayed in the tooltip. The base level and other things could be elaborated more in right click detail. Tooltip should not make player think too much.
  25. Hi, I already tried it. It is honestly a great improvement of the original. The instruction is much more compact compared to a wall of text of the original. I also love the way you can minimize the tutorial box when you press OK. I have some suggestion I'd like to share. I'm still torn between the interface of this tutorial and the transparent interface of the original. I feel the black background makes it easier to read but it is covering a quarter of my screen. The transparent original is hard to read but doesn't feel as claustrophobic. When the instruction is to batch train Slingers, any other unit seems to be disabled, even training single slinger. I think there should be a notification to tell player if they click the wrong button, like "You just selected a button to Train Woman, please press [Shift] and select Slingers" or "You haven't hold [Shift] button before selecting Slingers, please press [Shift] and select Slingers". Is it possible to have some ways to point a part of the screen to aid the player? Like flashing buttons or arrows to make it clearer. How about adding some backstory of the tutorial for context? Making it like a mini campaign with historical background, just like its predecessor like Age of Empires series and Empire Earth. I just read up about Spartacus and it seems to be an interesting part of history that can be adapted. Age of Empires II introduction and tutorial can be a good example.
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