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  1. Check here: https://releases.wildfiregames.com/ If you use Windows then it's this: https://releases.wildfiregames.com/0ad-0.0.23b-alpha-win32.exe
  2. While we're waiting for the Tutorial Campaign to be finished, can we at least put the link of online tutorial video in the game menu? I realized it was made in 2012, so perhaps it can be updated? But most of the tutorial is still relevant to newest version though.
  3. I still think they should walk at the same rate as any other melee infantry (to avoid hindering economy), I just suggest that the running multiplier should be less than spearmen. This I agree. So this?: I will repost the pike video here for clarity: Also some have bring up Kamayuk, here's an example:
  4. As I noticed from @Yekaterina 's demonstration of Mace pikemen, I feel like pikemen are too fast. Wielding pike that long should be difficult. I suggest either slowing down their running speed, or trigger the charging order on closer range, or combination of the two.
  5. I support this. Regardless of the implementation, I still think D2175 should be committed. It doesn't have to be implemented to all units. Combined with ProductionQueue it could make for some interesting results. For example, Sacred Band soldiers could be produced in a battalion of two, as they are historically.
  6. Thank God for the spam above, I noticed this discussion. While we're waiting for good texture overlay, can we at least have visible indicator of buildings too broken to garrison? Status bar icon, perhaps? It would be very useful to know if a building is ungarrisonable simply by hovering.
  7. I don't think this is multiple instance problem. I've restarted and run Scenario Editor from shortcut first thing after restart, still got the same error. Checked task manager, no pyrogenesis.exe. I also don't think it's missing files as it is retrieved from SVN, I have compared local binaries/system with repo and it has the same content. Probably this is wxwidgets? Never have heard of this before, but previously never had problems like this as well. I have just installed wxWidgets and how do I activate it?
  8. I still get crash upon opening Atlas with Unhandled unknown exception error. Like this: I have attached the crashlog.txt below. Entire logs folder has also been attached, although not sure if it helps since mainlog and interestinglog don't show anything suspicious. This still happens even after I deleted cache folders. Is it just me? crashlog.txt logs.zip
  9. I would suggest that the formation image depicts how it's used, e.g. legions with testudo opposing skirmishers with column open
  10. You can check his mod in his thread:
  11. So it seems that the Citizen class currently is kind of arbitrary, at least technically. Looking at Templates, it seems to mean all builders and gatherers, but not really: Infantry are citizens. Cavalry, and also elephant soldiers, are citizens, but Heroes are not citizens. Women are citizens, but other support (merchant, healer, elephant worker) are not citizens. Ships, not citizens. Women has different Classes and VisibleClasses, so their VisibleClasses are "Citizen, Worker", but under the hood their Classes is one "FemaleCitizen". For citizen-soldiers, its Classes is "CitizenSoldier" instead. So far, I haven't see VisibleClasses get used in code, Aura/Tech/AI/etc only use FemaleCitizen & CitizenSoldier, haven't seen "Citizen" used at all except in unit info. As for social class, I agree that it has to serve gameplay purpose, like social class conflicts. For example, in my hypothetical City Building Mod update, there would be techs like Emancipated Helots (Neodamodes) that would promote all Helot soldiers but also slightly decrease Perioikoi soldiers damage. Something like that. Probably a separate class system is needed, like SocialClass, only for social class as opposed to current, more universal class system.
  12. Regardless whether or not the unit should be removed, I think it's best for Maiden Guard swordswomen to have their special name changed to a more historically accurate name. Mauryan historians, please? On another topic, I think the poison from these so-called Poison Maiden is a bit too weak. If you're going to make the poison with only 0.5 health damage per second, you need to make them last longer than 10 secs. Although reading from Visha Kanya wikipedia ("they can kill a person just by looking at them", "Visha Kanya can cause instant death with just a touch"), it seems higher damage within short span would be more appropriate, like perhaps 5-10 damage per second for 10 seconds. Also make the attack PrepareTime/RepeatTime longer if you will.
  13. I cannot post in Balancing Discussion, but I agree with removing Citizen class from units that are historically not citizens. Replacing them with appropriate classes are also welcome (Metics, Helots, Plebeian, Shudra, what have you). Worker and Soldier are already existing classes in 0 AD. I still don't understand the backlash against depicting slave unit in a game that depicts war.
  14. Nice simulation. Didn't know pikemen could be that fast. The problem with this is that all unit have violent stance by default, and units with violent stance will break formation once an enemy is on their vision range, regardless of AI formation (clearest example is the one against 20 Hoplite + 30 Slinger). It could have different output if the the other side use standground stance, or if it was controlled by human player as well. Have you tried using AI for both sides, or let UnitAI handles the pikemen side without player intervention?
  15. I'll be the boring one and suggest something closer to 0 ad setting: ancient gods and mythical creatures like in AoM. Greek/Roman/Egyptian gods are fine, although I'd like to see some more less known gods like Carthaginian or Persian gods.
  16. I wonder why haven't more historical YouToubers use 0 AD footage for documentary. While it is understandable that Total War games have more epic and realistic scale to depict historical battles, they are less effective to depict strategy/tactics. The good ones usually just use squares, but I've seen someone use goddarn Rise of Nations screenshot to depict Battle of Pharsalus. I think perhaps there could be 0 AD Historical Background video series (could be posted on YouTube and 0 AD website) where each historical map is used to recreate the historical battle on it with narration (or just captions). Of course these videos should have been approved by 0AD historians first.
  17. I haven't yet to check the related code entirely, so my opinion here is based solely on my incomplete code checking, observation on in-game behavior, and also my brief experience joining marching competition as high school boyscout. @wraitii and @Freagarach please correct me if I'm wrong. Formation as currently in 0 A.D. use FormationController to direct the formation. The controller seems to be placed in the center, so when the formation rotated, the units in the center stay put while others move to accommodate this. Also when some of the units are leaving the formation, the entire formation would be rearranged from scratch. However, it is a bit different in reality. Usually the equivalent of FormationController would be the commander, which is placed not in the center of the formation, but usually on front left. Each formation member on the front row would try to follow the one directly in his left, while others would follow the one directly in front of each. When the formation is rotating, every member would not rotate unless the guy in front of him is turning. If you want to check how this behavior look in-game, say you have 10 soldiers. Set Soldier 1 to Guard Soldier 2, Soldier 2 to Guard Soldier 3, and so forth until Soldier 9 is set to Guard Soldier 10. Then move Soldier 10 anywhere, and see how the other units behaved. This is how a column formation is supposed to be moving in real life, only they stand closer of course. My suggestion is that we keep the current Formation.js behavior on the front row, while the second and so on rows using this 'guarding' method to follow the first row units. When some members are leaving the formation, each member that left would first check the front and move forward if his front is empty, and otherwise check the left and move if empty, otherwise stay put. So there would not be too much shifting because the formation is adapted to existing formation members and their positions, not recreated from scratch. MoveMembersIntoFormation function in Formation.js might need to be revised like this. Hopefully I have time in the weekend to check on this further.
  18. This mechanism is inspired from other games such as Total War series and Praetorians, where running/charging cost stamina, so the running/charging order needs to be manually done. StarCraft Zealot charge cost no resource, so manual charging is only needed to avoid strategic mistake (e.g. prevent lone Zealot to charge masses of Marines). Either way is good implementation, I think. I slightly prefer autorunning tho, I prefer less micro.
  19. Yes, fortunately... Someone even created a portable version, it works for me: RaF:CaW. The game is not perfect, especially history-wise, but gameplay-wise it has great ideas that could be implemented in 0 AD, albeit a little unpolished. I never use the Editor though, I'll probably experimenting on it later.
  20. Did you know that the game is eventually released for free by Midway, around 2008?
  21. I put off modding for a while at least until A25 is released. But I can give you some pointers if you like. You can customize radius texture and thickness in aura JSON. Like this. I just configured the influence of each building using addInfluence. Check the code here. Basically addInfluence tells AI to build a structure in relative distance of other structure with specified classes. You're going to need something that use manpower. I take it that both Manpower and Population represent the amount of people residing in the city, albeit in different way. Manpower seems to represent realistic city population, while the Population represent RTS game population. So if the map has 300 population limit, at lategame you may have a Metropolis with 25,000 manpower, but only have 300 units. What are the rest 24,700 people doing then? I suggest you put the manpower to work. Here are some ideas I had: Make structures cost manpower as well, a lot of them, as structure employees. Introduce negative effects of unemployment, give negative trickle for certain percentage of unemployed manpower. Give manpower upkeep. E.g. one manpower consume one food per 5 second, so the more manpower, the more food you have to provide. Or perhaps just create technologies that reduce batch production time in structure with specific class, make it cost manpower, and make it automatically researched (set autoresearch to True).
  22. Wow, this is just what I dreamed of when I started City Building mod but didn't have enough knowledge of the code. Rise of Nations is also one of my favorite RTS, and I can definitely feel that Rise of Nations/Civilization meets AoE2 vibe here, especially in civil center concept. I'm still getting the hang of manpower vs population concept, but so far this is so interesting that I might make a City Building addon for Mare Nostrum mod in the future. However I noticed that commoners do not immediately gather after finishing building a dropsite structure. In Empire Ascendant, citizens tasked with building Farmstead near berry bushes for example, will automatically gather berries after the Farmstead constructed. Is this intended? I took a glance at the mod and found no modification to UnitAI.js so not sure where the behavior started. I also found template error on Mauryan barracks, something related to Infantry champion. Oh and a side note, I suggested siege towers to capture walls some weeks ago, and turns out it is not historical at all (they only capture buildings in Middle Ages) Other than that, I'm very thankful for this mod, and I'm excited to see what other features it will offer in the future. Good luck, @hopeless-ponderer!
  23. Hi, I got exception when opening Scenario Editor (Atlas), either by in-game menu or by shortcut. On pressing the OK button, Program Error is displayed: Here is the copied error message: I don't remember having this problem last week. I haven't use Alpha 24 for some time if I recall correctly. I already update the A25 using tortoisesvn just before playing. There is no problem on playing regular single-player random & skirmish. What caused this?
  24. Wait really? So they are not used to pour soldiers into the walls? I was about to think of a way to unload garrisoned soldiers into wall turrets. I wonder what the top part of the tower is intended for. I imagined that it is supposed to unfold a plank in front of the wall, letting soldiers to run onto the wall. Probably it is actually just to let archers shoot over the wall easily?
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