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  1. Hi Just a little update for who might be interested So I didn't had a lot of time to work on it, but the artist i'm working with started drawing an illustration. The other artist will come join us soon on the project in like a week or two. For my part, i started the writing and the research, so far everything is going great. I wish I had more time to work on it, and I'll post an update everytime we have something interesting to show you ! Have a great day
  2. Exactly ! I don't want to focus much on the gameplay because things could change in the future. I will focus on historical background and concepts art like you said I started writing and looking for informations this morning. I can only work on this project few hours every Thursday, and on my spare time. I hope I will be able to finish it on time, I think most of the work will be to create the artworks. I'll do my best to create something that the community and new players will enjoy reading and looking at.
  3. Hi, thanks you so much for your reply. @azayrahmad It would be available as an e-book for everyone, but because I'm doing this as a project for my Game Design studies, it will have to be physical for me. And yes, I've seen the wiki, it does indeed have similar goals with me
  4. Hi, I’m here to talk about a project 2 friends and I have. We really like 0AD, we’re not « hardcore » players but we enjoy playing it from time to time. We want to create a guide to introduce players to 0AD. It won’t be heavily focused on stats and other details that big players enjoy reading, it will be a bit more simple to understand and read for new players who just want to have an introduction to the world of 0AD. There will be descriptions about the different factions with all the different units and buildings you can create. We will talk about the historical pe
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