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  1. Maybe have more damage applied to the enemy in front of you (using javs and pikemen) but have slingers or archers apply less damage but with a further reach. I guess the main reason I garrison my units in this part of the wall is due to an invading army and not having enough towers to garrison in. Better in the wall than on it.
  2. Not the stone and wooden towers but I suppose you could call them turrets as chrstgtr suggested. When creating a wall, this is the first part and then appears when expanded.
  3. What about the units within the sections of the walls, like either side of a gate? Units can garrison inside of those.
  4. Do units fire arrows when garrisoned inside a wall? If so, is the attack strengthened by the number of units? If not, are units healed quicker?
  5. Thank you for creating the best RTS. Merry Christmas to all at Wildfire Games and forum members. Wishing you all the best for 2023.
  6. Tbh, I've never played with more than one priest during a game and when in trouble, usually convert a temple (with champions) when needing to restore. I wouldn't say it was an exploit but the population limit could be a problem and I'm not sure how this would work with AI.
  7. Say I was attacking the enemy (far from my base) and some of my units were very low on health, rather than let them get slaughtered, there is a chance I could drop them into a temple and regain some health. With all the action going on, it is likely that this could be done without the other person knowing as they (and yourself) would be concentrating on the action in a certain area. If you were to convert them, they would have the same health (not fully healed). The conversion could be over time (say 30 secs) rather than instant.
  8. You don't need to, it's just a game . If you want to be historically correct, I've no idea what went on during those times. It was just a gameplay suggestion.
  9. Why not? I wouldn't expect a barrack or stable to offer such a service. As the enemy, you take the chance of being healed or converted. It's just an idea.
  10. How about making Temples a neutral zone for any player (only units, not siege) where ever you are on the battle field. For an enemy unit to be healed, they will need to go inside the temple whereas allies can still heal around it or inside. To make things more interesting, the owner of the temple is able to see who is garrisoned inside and if any enemy is identified, is able to convert them to his side.
  11. This is the same issue I have on Fedora 37 (also posted on this forum). Apologies if this has already been mentioned (quite a bit to take in above). I have noticed that the area accessible via the mouse is more, if Fedora's default driver is used (in my case NV138). Nvidia's driver restricted the area quite a bit in that I couldn't get to some parts of the menu. For me, this is only an issue with Wayland, Xorg is fine. When in Wayland, pressing Alt+Tab makes the full screen accessible again, so at least there is a workaround.
  12. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. . Please ban me for my stupidity but before you do, thanks for the fix .
  13. Hi wraitii Please see attached short video. 1048968678_0ADError.webm
  14. Tested with persist and hero garrison but still crashing with 0.26.2 I'm afraid.
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