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  1. No worries. Thanks for submitting a patch though .
  2. Hi All Is there a way to surpress the errors you receive in the top left corner? Becomes a little tricky when changing your stance with the enemy AI and not being able to see their response (without going into chat each time).
  3. Just tested this in Ubuntu 20.04 and working as expected (darn, the enemy have got a head start). Did you install 0 A.D. from the website PPA or Store? Btw, do you know when PopOS are releasing their 20.04 version? It's a nice looking distro.
  4. Yes, I think I found that channel and it mentioned something about registering. Please don't apologize, you've been more than helpful. Thanks for your quick replies. I'll keep checking the website for updates.
  5. I tend to use forums and emails to communicate. I may have used something like IRC before as Linux Mint have their own chat client. I've logged onto Kiwi IRC (haven't created an account) but doesn't seem to be anybody there. Should there be other users online? No idea what I need to do now.
  6. . Blame my brother. I asked him what that was and he said twitter. No idea what IRC is either. Sorry
  7. Thanks for the suggestion but I don't have a twitter account. I'll check the website.
  8. Is it difficult to get the PPA working with 20.04? If so, no worries as I'll just check the website.
  9. Have used instructions from website. Downloaded, installed and working with the latest version. Have disabled PPA for the time being as errors when updating. Thanks All
  10. Is that by modifying the PPA to bionic or installing the snap from the store?
  11. Thanks Stan'. Great news. I shall wait patiently for the release.
  12. Hi All Noticed that the latest PPA for Ubuntu is 19.04. Just wondering, given the 20.04 release, are there plans to add a PPA for this LTS release? (like 18.04). :)
  13. That's a shame. Would have come in handy combating the enemy. Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for my late reply.
  14. Having won the game, I noticed a bunch of horses galloping across the screen. Is this possible within a game? I have never seen this before. Is a special key required to do this? :)
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