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  1. Thanks for the suggestion seeh. I did try the windowed mode which helped. It seems that this time it was user error as I had set to "true" rather than "false". Now working as expected.
  2. Having re-installed Fedora 38 and applied the "borderless.fullscreen" option, the cursor is still slightly off. The top off the screen is showing a black bar. Any ideas how to correct this?
  3. This option is under user.cfg (see screenshot below). This is on Fedora 38 using the flatpak version of 0 A.D. Other distros/OS's may use a different path. Edit: The RPM version may be found under "Home/.config/0ad/config"
  4. Thanks vladislavbelov. That has resolved the issue. Should mention that this issue occurred in both the rpm and flatpak builds.
  5. This ticket is similar to my original issue when using wayland with Fedora 37. The issue in Fedora 38 is slightly different in that I can move the cursor within the whole (physical) screen. When set to full screen, the whole screen is not being used (only 3/4)
  6. Since changing to "OpenGL ARB" the screen is now more full screen minus the top bar and the cursor still slightly off. Also, in windowed mode, unable to scroll up the map.
  7. Hi All Have just upgraded to Fedora 38 which was released today and found the 0 A.D is not using the full screen under xorg (wayland still has the same issue). The screen seems to be full screen mode but only displaying within 3/4 of the screen. The cursor can travel outside this area (unlike wayland) but does not match with the area highlighted. For the time being, have set to windowed mode. Any suggestions? Edit: Btw, I'm not using any nvidia drivers, just the default.
  8. That could work. Regarding converting units (enemy), a priest would need to be inside to be able to do this (convert button becomes visible). Once a priest is inside, the shrine would change in colour to that particular player and return neutral again once the priest has exited.
  9. Hi vladislavbelov. Thanks for the suggestion above. I am now using Fedora's default driver with Xorg so this isn't an issue for me anymore.
  10. Maybe have more damage applied to the enemy in front of you (using javs and pikemen) but have slingers or archers apply less damage but with a further reach. I guess the main reason I garrison my units in this part of the wall is due to an invading army and not having enough towers to garrison in. Better in the wall than on it.
  11. Not the stone and wooden towers but I suppose you could call them turrets as chrstgtr suggested. When creating a wall, this is the first part and then appears when expanded.
  12. What about the units within the sections of the walls, like either side of a gate? Units can garrison inside of those.
  13. Do units fire arrows when garrisoned inside a wall? If so, is the attack strengthened by the number of units? If not, are units healed quicker?
  14. Thank you for creating the best RTS. Merry Christmas to all at Wildfire Games and forum members. Wishing you all the best for 2023.
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