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  1. Looks nice. The problem wouldn't be making the animation, but that it may confuse players being the only building with units as "default" where the rest of the buildings show units only when garrisoned so it may appear that the market has units garrisoned constantly. (Also put them in the rest of the others civ markets stalls too) Regarding the structure, I think the stall cloth may need to extend a bit underground, specially the large one. Even if they're ground-anchored the bigger the prop, the easier to have it floating on uneven terrain.
  2. Woah that's neat! what a coincidence . I've used it a lot (not yet for 0AD until now). Where can I learn more of this? (the process of running costumes through MH's makeclothes) I'd love to help out since I think makehuman is an incredible tool for any 3D generalist. The breastplate and greaves were sculpted with dynotopo so they have triangles and nasty topology, but if I'm doing more I'd love to help out the makehuman project with whatever I can (if stuff is up to their standards)
  3. Here's the same textures at 256x256 resolution (standard unit resolution): Yes, it's a bit tricky nailing exactly where the casting rays are going to end when baking with cages, I could try to make the space between the eyes wider. It's modelling, sculpting and material setup. The human mesh is from makehuman (CC0 human mesh creator) I created the basemesh with it and then sculpted over it. Here's a pic of the highpoly model with realtime PBR shading if you are curious
  4. I've been doing some tests while taking breaks from animations. Tried to make the highest quality possible taking advantage of the new meshes geometry. This is 1024*1024 texture resolution with normal and spec, so it still needs downscaling.
  5. The problem with both variations is repetition. The one with the roof is 90% the same texture over and over. The one without the roof has 42 instances of the same banner prop. Not letting you see what is inside the structure. The structure without roof could benefit also from being higher.
  6. I'd say it is very possible. I'd say it's ok if you can only contribute from time to time if you manage to get good quality textures and don't mind having a strict head of department guy
  7. @wackyserious Would you be interested in upgrading celt textures to 512*512? we'll probably end up downscaling to 256*256 but it is always better to have more resolution for any reason. Now that we have new meshes, once the cavalry units are finished, I'm thinking on upgrading unit textures (specially all those which are currently 128*128 to a minimum of 256*256). You made already a very good job with texture, would you be interested on keep working on more?
  8. Very nice texture. @Leyto Did you end up using the CC-BY-SA 2.0 sources contained in the zip? IIRC our license is only compatible with 3.0 or "higher". It would be good to get in contact with the authors of the sorce images released under 2.0 to ask for permission in the game/let us use them under cc-by-sa 3.0
  9. Am I the only one who thinks the shape is not right? The indentations go too deep into the shield and could benefit from a bigger rim inline to pop out the "cut" form so it could be read better. They also need a bit more gometry to make a smoother cut shape. Coin references also show that the shield was lightly oval shaped instead of perfectly round.
  10. I know he has just barely started in youtube and doing streams, but this guy barely know how to speak in his own language. Couldn't bear more than 15 minutes, can't imagine how difficult can be to sit through the whole thing.
  11. Contributing without being a team member was possible since 0AD went open-source (since 2009?) in approx. 2012-2013 art department became "open" so art team members started posting WIPs and projects on the public thread before stuff was finished. Also the art task thread was started around those dates too. This made the "applications and contributions" topics more or less obsolete. For the Art department, Myconid contributions were essential allowing to raise the graphics bar much higher with the implementation of AO, normal/parallax and specular maps as well as post-processing filters like fog, bloom/HDR, and DOF.
  12. Ok, what do I have to notice? BTW: building animation is the same for males and for females.
  13. Incorrect mallet orentation in build animation Incorrect prop placement in one of the farm variations A few of mauryan turbans don't fit the new heads correctly as well as iberian-hair-helmet variation Slinger firing animation is just too fast to match the attack timing Maybe use run variations instead of jog on some ranged units?? (some of them move so freaking fast) Pikemen start to glide when tasked to use phalanx formation, although syntagma formation on pikemen and phalanx in hoplites works nicely. Missing testudo formation animations Missing seeding animation Chopping loop could benefit with a double "chop" on each loop to increase its speed. Meat prop on female_carry_meat is offset Leaving the list here for tracking issues myself Edited fixed stuff.
  14. Nice, why don't you try improving the skirt part too?
  15. Agree with SDM here. The eagle should be the main feature of the emblem instead of taking only roughly 25% of the emblem here.
  16. I tried several times to reproduce this without success. Y con "hace poco" a qué te refieres? antes del commit? después?
  17. @stanislas69 I feel like some of them are a little too tight right now. The two variations of the lower left (I guess it's the same mesh but with minimal texture tone change) isn't resting propperly on the head. The visor ends mid-forehead where the references you posted the visor ends at eyebrow level or even lower. I also would like to see references for the rest of the variations you have there. If we improve them let's get details correct.
  18. Sorry av93 but I'm off-touch with the current plans about it. Units and animations are in SVN now. Please use the following thread to report any bugs/errors with them:
  19. Please use this thread to report any issues with the new unit meshes and animations commited recently. It was a big commit so it may have some stuff that needs fixing.
  20. Yes, the groundwork to be able to make the campaigns I mentioned it the post. But not the campaign itself.
  21. I made the ptolemaic ships and discarded the juggernaut after internal chatting. It could be too big and quite difficult to balance for ships. (quinqueremes are already quite big models to be easily handled in water) However I do agree that some texture love is needed for the ships and upgrade them to ptolemaic ships level of detail.
  22. Q: Will you add single player campaigns? A: Right now there's only plans to implement the infrastructure/system for modders and contributors to make their own campaings, but at the moment we do not plan to make full history-driven single player campaigns. (I know we may end up doing some kind of introductory campaign as tutorial for the game, but for the time being, I think stating that we do not plan to do a campaign for each civ is fair enough)
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