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  1. LoL! I should read more... In that case: immodicus : immoderate, excessive, beyond measure. impetus : attack, onset, rapid motion / impulse, passion, force. ingenium : innate character, talent, nature.
  2. Here are my suggestions (and some historical info BTW ): Latium - The most important subdivision of Central Italy was Latium, bordering on the Tyrrhenian Sea. North of it on the same coast was Etruria and to the south was Campania. On the Adriatic coast were Umbria, Picenum, and Samnium. The cities of Latium were Rome, on the Tiber, and its seaport, Ostia, near the mouth of the same river. Ten miles northwest of Rome was Veii, an Etruscan city, and about the same distance southeast was Alba Longa. Nearly the same distance directly south of Rome, on the coast, was Lavinium, and east-northeast of Rome was Tibur. Neighboring to Alba Longa were Tusculum and the Alban Lake. The Pomptine Marshes were near the coast, in the southern part of Latium. Lake Regillus was near Rome Vesuvius - Mt. Vesuvius, a roughly 4300-feet high, deadly volcano, is located near the Bay of Naples, in the region of Campania, in Italy. Mt. Vesuvius is famous for its eruption on August 24 A.D. 79, that destroyed the cities of Herculaneum, Stabiae, and Pompeii, and thousands of residents. Pompeii was buried under 10 feet of material set in motion by the eruption of the volcano, while Herculaneum was buried under 75 feet of ash. Pompeii and Herculaneum remained buried until the 18th century. Although exposure has led to wear and tear, at the time of the archaeological discovery, it provided the world with an image frozen in time of life in first century Italy and is still referred to for what is generally the best physical evidence. Mt. Vesuvius had erupted before, but the A.D. 79 eruption is the first volcanic eruption described in detail by a witness, Pliny the Younger. Actium - Without the Battle of Actium, there might not have been a Roman emperor. The battle is that important. The Battle of Actium was also an important turning point in the history of the relationship between Egypt and Rome. When Octavian (later known as the Emperor Augustus) met the combined forces of Mark Antony and Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, Roman forces faced Roman forces, pretty evenly matched. The fighting continued throughout the day of September 2, 31 B.C., until, inexplicably, Cleopatra took her troops and left the naval battle. Mark Antony, leaving his troops behind, followed her. The result was that Octavian, helped by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, won the battle. Since Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, part of the second triumvirate -- with Antony and Octavian, had already been exiled, this left only Octavian to be the leader of Rome, He would soon become Augustus, the princeps, and first Roman emperor.
  3. I like the regicide Idea, and it has been already discussed/planned Variation on the game modes is always a good thing IMO, so I'm going to add some ideas. Here are my two cents: - Siege mode. Two teams. Offensive team starts with a lot of manpower, not-so-many siege units and normal resources while defensive team starts fortified with buildings walls, nice strategic situation and high resources but very little manpower. Small maps with very little amount of resources, for quick matches. -Territories. This idea comes from company of heroes (I think RoN also had something similar). It may be difficult to implement because it differs a lot from the basic gameplay style but I think it could be fun! You receive resources/manpower over time by capturing and keeping territories. Each territory has a specific place to build a structure that will put that territory under your control. All territories must be connected to your starting territory (head quarters) in order to generate resources. Those are the basics. To make it more interesting: Depending on how much time you have controlled a territory you will be able to build more buildings on a territory. Because of the resources are gained through territories, you are not able to train female workers, and standard units will not gather as much resources as in normal modes. -Some kind of King of the hill can also be fun. In my opinion it should aim to a quick match type of game. Don't get me wrong, I love long battles and struggle on the battlefield and suffer when I'm being beaten slowly, but the discussed/planned modes seems to be for long matches and I thought that some quick modes will add variation to the game modes... and some fun! .
  4. Hello! I recently found this 2011 street art photo collection on the net and I couldn't resist to share. Enjoy! http://www.streetartutopia.com/?p=5982 There is also for year 2010 at the bottom of the collection. Some of my favorites: If you liked them, I suggest you also to take a look to Banksy's exposition at Bristol museum (I think is no longer there, but there are photos and videos on youtube, it's a must see) Some exposition photos: http://news.bbc.co.u...000/8096891.stm Post your favorite art pieces or artists or even your own pieces here!
  5. On topic: I'm not sure if this info can be useful or not... I don't have a lot of how-pathfinding-works knowledge but reading some Philip's posts it seems it's an A*algorithm based one. I found this document on the web about the Fringe Search. It stands the following: " Experimental results show that Fringe Search runs roughly 10-40% faster than highly-optimized A* in our application domain of pathfinding on a grid". -- If it's compatible with the current pathfinding system or not is out of my scope Here is the link to the document: http://webdocs.cs.ua...ions/fringe.pdf
  6. Nice thoughts on this thread. For pathfinding I think what Michael said sounds good. I'd like to add my opinion about combat balance/design. I think not aimming towards a little battle management/tactics through bonuses on the formations (besides unit types forces/weaknesses) will hurt on gameplay side. E.g. in AOE, you can send the meat to do what they can on the "hot spot", and it's almost over. There is no sense of "if you know what you are doing on the battlefield", even a small group of soldiers can hurt badly a big bunch of soldiers that the player has sent with a rightclick to kill whatever they see and focus on another battle or resource gathering or wichever other task needed. A little example of basic stances/formations. Each one may have different look for each civ for uniqueness touch. -Charge/attack formation: to start the attack, if the enemies that are being attacked have not a "defense or wait for attack formation", they will have disadvantage, (surprise attack tactic) -Defense/waiting incoming attack : slowest formation. Sending troops to travel large areas with this formation should take them forever. -Travel formation : fastest formation, weakest formation.... ¿resting formation? - ¿idle / default /gathering and construction formation? ¿maybe regenerates "stamina" for formations? This is just an idea, it may be not too complex for the player but somewhat have a meaning on the battle to scratch some numbers to the enemy if you use them properly adding an extra layer of tactics .
  7. I really like it! Looks more natural and it helps to the immersion feeling IMO
  8. Perfect! it worked! Update completed At revision: 10544 The topic can be closed I guess...
  9. Wow, that was a quick answer Philip! Thanks for the info! I will try that solution when I get home.
  10. Hello, I've been looking around the bug report forum for a similar error like this one, but I haven't found anything... let´s see if someone can help me. After reading the TortoiseSVN guide, installed the program and make the first checkout, these are the messages at the end of the log: C:\0AD\libraries\boost\include\boost\type_traits\detail\cv_traits_impl.hpp C:\0AD\libraries\boost\include\boost\type_traits\detail\ice_not.hpp C:\0AD\libraries\boost\include\boost\type_traits\detail\size_t_trait_undef.hpp C:\0AD\libraries\boost\include\boost\type_traits\detail\ice_and.hpp C:\0AD\libraries\boost\include\boost\type_traits\detail\ice_eq.hpp REPORT of '/svn/!svn/vcc/default': Compressed response was truncated (http://svn.wildfiregames.com) Completed! 547,94 Mbytes transferred in 36 minute(s) At the bottom of the window there was an "operation failed" message. Is this normal? I have also tried to right-click on my 0AD folder and selected "SVN update" in order to see if I could update the folder in case there were any file missing on the previous operation and I get the following message: Update Working copy 'C:\0AD' locked. 'C:\0AD' is already locked. Completed! "operation failed" Also tried "rightclicking on my 0AD folder ->Tortoise SVN -> release lock" but it says "there is nothing to unlock" I've never used the program but after reading the guide seems pretty easy to work with, and I wanted to familiarize with it before doing anything else. Can anyone help me please?
  11. Really interesting reading. Never thought about several things mentioned. Now I'm curious about the film Fellinis Satyricon...
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