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  1. Desired game features for A23

  2. I don't like capturing

    This doesn't help with the issue at all. If you capture and raze the building it's still the same?! What's so hard to understand that capturing and deleting buildings (call it delete or raze over time) contradicts each other fundamentally because structures in enemy territory become neutral anyways? The issue is that you have no benefit from capturing at all, it's the same as destroying because you prevent the opponent from using it. It would only work if capturing is permanent. But right now it isn't. So the only reason to capture is to manually destroy it after capture to cause a damage to the enemy.
  3. I don't like capturing

    The question is : Why should it be necessary to have a delete feature in the game in the first place? Are there necessities to delete entities or structures manually because they are required? From what I've seen it's just unnecessary - UNLESS you're capturing enemy structures. There it's super useful to just delete it after capturing.
  4. I don't like capturing

    Dude you_can't_use_the_structures. Because there is no converted territory next to 1) Towers, 2) military buildings and 3) most importantly next to Civic centers. Which makes the system obsolete. Just delete while they loose capturing points before they turn neutral. The reason why houses should have more population and cost more instead of being cheap and spammable buildings in the first place.
  5. Desired game features for A23

    those. Plus a working concept for map controls.
  6. I don't like capturing

    So, what is the advantage of not suiciding buildings? In the last version buildings automatically went to neutral within a couple of seconds anyways and couldn't be used anymore unless you kept half your army next to it to keep it occupied. Which binds significant amounts of soldiers that could instead go around and kill stuff. The fact that Town Centers are almost uncaptureable with earlygame/midgame armies and enemy soldiers garrisoned inside doesn't help either. Either scrap capturing or suiciding. Both at the same time makes no sense.
  7. wowgetoffyourcellphone's gameplay design

    So, what's the purpose of this ticket? The arguments already hav been repeated like 10 times now...
  8. There is no need for that anymore. The game has its own multiplayer platform integrated now.
  9. Gameplay guideline

    Only spots where gatherers are. Much sense and realism.
  10. wowgetoffyourcellphone's gameplay design

    To quote myself:
  11. Gameplay guideline

    So, apply this mechanic to outposts aswell, problem fixed.
  12. Two kinds of fields

    All I know is that global weather systems that affect fighting are despised in multiplayer. For campaign/single player missions that's an entirely different matter though and perfectly fine. Just don't suggest that as a basic concept for the game.
  13. wowgetoffyourcellphone's gameplay design

    If the sun sets in the east maybe.
  14. Take Dropsite Away from Civic Center

    Example: Building cost : 200 wood, buildtime 10 seconds Place building - initial : 0 cost While building : -200 wood from your total resources is removed, wih 20 wood per second rate. If stock reaches 0, the building stops. Correct? If so: that would be a pretty drastic change in game flow. But I wouldn't oppose to it I think.
  15. Two kinds of fields

    Yea, put seasons in an RTS. And let's rename the game to "Farming Simulator 0 - AD" while we're at it.