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  1. So, what's the purpose of this ticket? The arguments already hav been repeated like 10 times now...
  2. There is no need for that anymore. The game has its own multiplayer platform integrated now.
  3. Only spots where gatherers are. Much sense and realism.
  4. To quote myself:
  5. So, apply this mechanic to outposts aswell, problem fixed.
  6. All I know is that global weather systems that affect fighting are despised in multiplayer. For campaign/single player missions that's an entirely different matter though and perfectly fine. Just don't suggest that as a basic concept for the game.
  7. If the sun sets in the east maybe.
  8. Example: Building cost : 200 wood, buildtime 10 seconds Place building - initial : 0 cost While building : -200 wood from your total resources is removed, wih 20 wood per second rate. If stock reaches 0, the building stops. Correct? If so: that would be a pretty drastic change in game flow. But I wouldn't oppose to it I think.
  9. Yea, put seasons in an RTS. And let's rename the game to "Farming Simulator 0 - AD" while we're at it.
  10. 4 resources - AOE II ripoff city phases - AOE II ripoff Blacksmith/technology system - AOE II ripoff "counter" system - AOE II ripoff Combined with a @#$% game pace. But yeah, using a squad based system is a ripoff... So what? IT's not about whether the system was used by another game at point X in the past. It's about creating a concept, using various tools to make the whole game itself unique. Currently 0 ad has what absolutely, unique and OUTSTANDING gameplay element? Ah yea, soldiers can gather resources.. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow So units can do the most boring task in the game to not be idle. Impressive.
  11. The game IS an AoE clone. And a s h i t t y one on top. Citizen soldiers do not save the @#$% concept, they just make it even worse. The whole point of this thread (and my threads) is to make the game more unique by creating a unique gameplay concept. The suggestions are ripped apart into nonsense and there is nothing useful coming from the other side. hippocrity.
  12. I've had dozens of arguments against citizen soldiers. I do not bring them up again. @#$%ing read my posts you troll
  13. You can clearly see following facts: a ) color BLUE units are not color RED's units b ) units from BLUE are clearly not the same as RED c ) there are units with huge axes/hammers/logs that obviously attack close range, while BLUE's units seem to have rifles or something similar And no, my examples are not based on good micro. And you're still not understanding the difference. Once more: Compared to this: Edit @ the picture - so, there are ~ 200 dead cavarly bodies and long bows + some priests. Even if I have not zoomed in I can see it easily. So nope, no disorder really. If you put in a battalion, you'll at least have a much easier option to select units of a certain type at once. This already makes the UI much cleaner to use and creates order. Then it does not matter that much that unit's are harder to differentiate from each other.
  14. Once more. Every game you mentioned had a distinction between unit types. Each unit is easily. 0 ad doesnt have it. Citizen Soldiers concept sucks @#$%. Healing is useless, yes. And apart from that your statements make it pretty clear that you don't have a clue tbh. Compare this to: To this Units are easy to notice, contrasts are in between the unit types, and the models differ from each other enough to create an overview. This is the main reason why lots of RTS do not use "authentic" unit skins by default.
  15. Nope. The UI is a mess, units are not apparently easy to differ in regular fights. Formations are already implemented, but they just create more micromamagement for adding/removing units from them. The variable size of formactions even creates problems with grouping and spacing out armies on most maps (forests are in the way and mess up the unit positioning with Formations > 20 soldiers). On top of that individual unit micro doesn't do anything because units can't be healed efficiently and die too quickly. Just adding a couple of techs/working on the tech tree won't do much.