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    This mod changes the appearance (for the player with the mod active) of: -the chicken are bright red -the berrys are darker -the black player is shown in a bright pink tone (almost white) -Ally chat is changed so the player can ignore spam better and focus on the game Thanks elexis and nani for help in making this. Update 2019.10.14: -Ally-chat indent -gaia-white to bright pink (the highlighting in the chat works for former black again) Update 2019.10.18: -Ally-chat is white (highlighted) public chat is a bit more grey -Ally chat has a notification on the right like this: ---------(Ally) ffm_visibity.zip
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    Here are just a few ideas for technologies that could be introduced for temples: Banking: Temples provide a gradual trickle of metal. Historical justification: Many temples were used for this purpose. A famous example was the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus. Probably the Celtic and Iberian factions would not have access to this. Omens: Small boost in line of sight for all units. Historical justification: Consulting priests was common before battles. Wrath of the Gods (or of God for Monotheistic faiths): Priests give a small attack aura. Linked with... Protection of the Gods: Priests give a small defensive aura. Historical justification: Religious figures were often important in imparting a degree of psychological security to soldiers prior to a battle. Ceremonial Cleansing: Temples provide a healing aura, and all units get an increase in hit-points. Historical Justification: Not all temples were dedicated to healing people, but there were a few examples of these kinds. As a result, the healing function should not be default in my opinion. Sacred Texts: All technologies are cheaper. Historical Justification: Religion was an important part of learning in most ancient societies. Harvest Festival: Farming output increased. Priests have aura that helps boosts gathering speed. Historical Justification: Most religious holidays were based around agricultural phases in the year, allowing for farmers to more easily know when to plant and harvest. Astrology: Ships have more line of sight and move faster. Historical Justification: Knowledge of the stars was useful for navigation purposes aside from its religious uses.
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    The temple is a generally useless building since it provides only healing. The priests are likewise problematic; their vulnerabilities and slow speed make them hard to coordinate with many effective troop combinations. As a result, this build seems to be ignored in most high level play. While I don't wish for it to be a must build structure, but it should be at least viable in some cases. Age of Empires II made it a useful building by two ways: first, it could generate income with relics; and second, monks could be used to defend against costly units like knights through their conversion abilities. Conversion can seem cheesy in a game, something practically game-breaking if battalions were introduced, but it makes a valid point: priests should be viable units to train outside of their healing abilities. Religion played a focal role in life of the ancient times and should not be underplayed. One way that temples could be more useful is to introduce patron gods to specific temples. For example when a temple is built, he player could dedicate it to Athena for a defence and loyalty buff, Poseidon for a horsemen and ship buff, and Hermes for a commerce and movement speed buff in the case of Athens. There also could be upgrades to improve the abilities of priests beyond healing. Generally though, if there are specific gods available to players unique to each faction, that would of course make balance harder, especially in the case of contrasting the paganistic traditions of most factions to that of the largely monotheistic Zoroastrianism that Persians practised during this time. Still, I think that an approach like that would be much better than the current iteration of temples and religion. That said, I would be interested to hear alternatives to this option.
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    A reference for walls city: Biskupin, Poland Hillfort (iron age)
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    Hi all i did talk with @Alexandermb about carthaginian elephants. They are using indian elephants models since last elephant update. My question is if they have indian elephants or north african / bush elephants or other variety of elephants? i agree they have north africans in history. @Sundiata / communtiy: Wuts ur opinion?
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    @Alexandermb What do you think of the destroyed civic_center on the right ? I did what I mentionned in the Addons thread
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    Hi @gameboy! We have not solved this problem yet, sadly. We will let you know when we have! In the meantime, you can ignore this specific warning. You are of course still encouraged to report other warnings and errors :D
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    You can do this quite simply without any mods, but you will need to have cheats activated. So to play together both people will obviously need to be in the game together and when the match starts one of the players can open the developer overlay by pressing Alt + d or Alt + Shift + d. After that select the ''Change Perspective'' and ''Control all units'' options. After that simply change the player perspective (In top right) to the one you want to play as. (You can also do this if you enter the game as a spectator).
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    I was just playing with my son earlier today and started looking for this feature myself. He’s pretty young but wants to learn. Having a shared civilization/ shared control/ or some type of feature like that built in would be a great addition to 0AD . I may try to do the mod above, but if you can wrap it and post it on the official mods I know I would be first in line to grab it.
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    I remain skeptical. Aside from identifying constellations and seeing they moved, nothing scientific about it exists. Those two can be classified as astronomy. Astronomy did very much exist back then. What Ptolemy did was not astrology. What he did was impressive for the time of a geocentric universe. He even proposed solutions based on science for things the model could not handle. Obviously wrong, but its closer to what science is about.
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    This one is different. We'll match the best 4 players with the worst 4 players randomly before the event. Imagine this bracket; -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 and the seeding might be like this: 1-7 2-8 3-5 4-6 Let's say you're the second best player and matched with 8th player in the first round. You need to ban 2 civs for your opponent for the round. Next round you need to ban 2 civs again. Basically, you need to ban 2 civs in every round. It's not global. Your opponents will ban 2 civs for you too. So, if you're a player who known with celtic civs, I recommend a third civs to practice or fourth.
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    So, we dont know if Opengl 3.0 ES will work ?? this is my latest test does anybody on the team has vulkan in mind for the future??
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    Yes it's possible and would actually be quite fancy but it would requires other animations and some extra code...
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    Good reference material to follow, already saw most of the paintings in other references (drawings and artistic paintings) but they use the same shield shape. Would it be better if i only use 1 shield shape instead of 2? and leave the actual shape we have for extraordinarii. Extraordinarii: Triarii And Advanced/Elite Hastati: Early Hastatii AKA Basic Rank Hastatii: Or just mixed ?
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    @gameboy I fixed the first warning the other is not caused by that code. Keep in mind you need to recompile else the placement won't work.
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    IE: i don't know if some of you have played Mount And Blade Saga. This games offer a good massive meele combat scenarios where you are trapped in the middle of a formation whitout able to retreat or move to much but keep pushing and figthing for the win in the front lane, at this point you wouldn't consider taking care of your shield and you will use it until it breaks and survive as long as possible most of the time your shield always breaks depending on the quality of it (gameplay speaking), but it always get really damaged if you are a melee figther. Playing as viking in viking conquest every fight i had to stole someone else shield to keep myself alive agains't strong enemies (champion units raiders) The shield can be in optimal condition of course when the unit is at 100% Hp, But is pointless to imagine that in a fight "Shield wouldn't be that damage" or "That blunt wouldn't be there" Yes it does it will be strongly damaged, no matter what is the kind of metal or the strenght used agaisn't the shield. A human will preffer have his shield break than loose his life, a shield can be replaced a life doesn't. Plus considering the space and the amount of texture that gona be used its better to show a huge difference per texture than having an slightly and barely noticeable from the distance: Here an example of a gameplay view of the damage, barely noticeable the distance @Stan` already reduced specular, Here closer: One can think the history says "With your shield or Above it" yeah pretty romantic quotes but a soldier wouldn't say "Oh my shield is broken! i don't have honor, i preffer to die!" Another perfect example are the protest's of my country. They build shields to protect themselves of the bullets and granades, i was there and i know what a shield is and what it is his purpose when your life is in game you wouldn't have into account "Oh my shield!", you will use everything at your disposal to stay alive no matter what. Lowered a bit, increased bump strenght a bit, it looks like that because i had to change sun rotation to be able to see the bump + spec
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    version 0.12.5 Improved: Max number of corpses visible setting (replaces hide corpses setting) autociv.session.graphics.corpses.max = 100 // 0 to show none, Infinity to show all
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    "A Carthaginian shekel, dated 237–227 BC, depicting the Punic god Melqart (equivalent of Hercules/Heracles), most likely with the features of Hamilcar Barca, father of Hannibal Barca; on the reverse is a man riding a war elephant" Carthago Nova, Spain: I noticed Hamilcar doesn't have a unit portrait yet. It's always nice to base a portrait on an actual period depiction of the person, so this coin should be very useful towards that end.
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