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  1. I´m still designing the fortress, hold on a little longer
  2. I will take advantage of this video to make the fortress of the Suebians. Thanks @Genava55
  3. I have already been thinking about making walls cities for the goths, with more precense of stone than of the Suebi but i need confimation from the boss.
  4. Just what i was thinking. I suggest it because at that time the goths did not build cities, they builds camps or something similar to settlements.
  5. I have a suggestion for the Goths faction, @wowgetoffyourcellphone being a nomadic faction we could make it a militar colony like the one that the Seleucids and Ptolemies have.
  6. Me quedo con lo que vos decís, haré un conceptual art del taller de maquinas de asedio.
  7. Right now i´m making a fortress based in the hellenic fortress. I will upload it tomorrow at the latest.
  8. @Lion.Kanzen Buen cuadro conceptual, en tu opinión que edificios de los Suevos faltarían hacer? yo tengo anotado en mi libreta que me falta el edificio especial de la tercera fase "Great Hall", la fortaleza y la maravilla. El taller de maquinas de asedio no se si hacerlo o no ya que los germanos tempranos no hacían maquinas de asedio muy a menudo, solo arietes y de de vez en cuando. Para el templo aun necesito mas referencias, los germanos hacían sus sacrificios al aire libre y el los bosques, así que si diseño un templo tendría que ser parecido al de los galos y bretones.
  9. Hello there, i need a count of the remaining buildings to desing for the Suebi. @wowgetoffyourcellphoneI would like to finish as soon as pissible and start to desingning the buildings of the Goths.
  10. Concept art of Suebian fortress, it´s just a pencil sketch of a model for the fortress. It´s not definitive.
  11. The closest thing we have is that they wore celtic helmets.
  12. Very sad. This is how the early germans dressed.
  13. In the cimbri war there where some galic trives that allied to the cimbri
  14. Battle of Vercellae 101 bc: infantery clash, cimbri vs Roman Republic. Author Igor Dzis. We can use it as a reference for heavy swordmen.
  15. Its not finished but tell me what you think @wowgetoffyourcellphone
  16. I am preparing a new concept for wall city, i wil use this references: Roman Siege walls
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