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    Yeah, I think being 'down with' something is slang, so it probably translates in very interesting ways. It's not related to things like 'down with the king' or 'he is down with the flu' which are both obviously negative.
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    (By the way, - in technologies json files, we have description (currently it's mainly a global description of the tech) and tooltip (which describe effect). - in auras json files, we only have auraDescription which at first only contained effect (as information about the related/source entity could be in the xml), but also in some cases (for example for catafalques) some history description. While at it, one can perhaps fix/precise the design of those things - mainly from the gui point of view.)
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    Like last time, I'm waiting a while for the hubbub of the public A22 release to die down to release DE for it. I figured I'd list a few things that will go into DE2 over DE1: Glory Statues and Glory Resource Thanks to @Enrique and @stanislas69 for modeling the glory statues. Still many more to go. Preliminary Kushites civ Thanks to @Sundiata and @balduin for pushing this and thanks to @LordGood and @stanislas69 for their nice models. Should be 100% complete by A23. Preliminary Chinese civ A port from Rise of the East, with some substantial tweaks including a new tech tree from me and additional models from @stanislas69. Should be 100% complete by A23. A couple new very nice skirmish maps A bunch of unit textures from @wackyserious. Lots of fixes and minor changes; continuing to update the object portraits to the new better style for instance. Plans for A23: Finish Kushites Work with Sundiata and balduin and others Finish Chinese Mostly just technology work and Ministers. Figure out a way to make the Conquest Civic Centers objective not bug out when the player upgrades his Civic Centers to Fortified. Hopefully get more Glory Statues in Finish more new skirmish maps Tons more textures from wackyserious that didn't make it in this time, plus tons more textures by me. Rework the blacksmith techs Make some of the weaker civs more interesting Research and implement mercenaries for the Mauryans Struggle to fix all the bugs that will arise from /public changes.
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    sphyrth, I agree with your comments. There is a bit too much text. I think an on screen text message that disappears would be a better option for the instruction. An objectives section like in AoK would work well if the player needed to reread something.
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    Hello modders! After some deliberation and discussion, we are planning to (temporarily) purge all History Strings from all templates in vanilla 0AD. These can be found in the xml files in the folder simulation/templates/ between the tags <History></History>. What won't be touched: The simulation/data/civs/*.json files. (For now...) Anything else in the template xml files. The technology files. The aura files. The reason we have decided to take this action is simple: The History Strings are not currently shown or used in any capacity in game. We wish to show them in game (specifically, using D297). But, they first need to be translated. There are a couple hundred of them. Adding this many strings to transifex in one go is unfair to translators. We also have to check the strings to make sure they are okay (make sense, well spelt, grammatically accurate, historically accurate, etc). Thus, many of the strings will end up changed or removed, making much of the initial translation efforts pointless. So the plan is: Dump them, Remove them, Review them, Add them back, in batches, over a number of months (so as to not stress our lovely translators). Why are we telling you this? This is a big change. Some of the mods you maintain contain history strings. You might want to check that they are okay as, if everything goes to plan, by the next release they will be visible to your players. Also, we may be looking into changing how History Strings (and historical content in general) are stored. If you have any concerns or queries, post below. Thank you for your attention. (And it probably won't happen until next week at earliest.)
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    Bruh I can't fix things for alpha 23 when I haven't bundled A22 yet.
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    Hi, 0 A.D.'s players. I wanna create an internal policy in 0 A.D. (uprisings, index of prosperity.The centres of colonial towns can be controlled by the bot-vassal. First, the simplest: units consume wood and eat 1 per 2 secounds or more). Should I start developing?
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    ragnarlothbrok seems to be misusing this feature heavily I suggest to warn him that what he is doing is intolerable and that further continuation of such behaviour will lead to a ban.
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    Although wrong forum @Ilya_rimade_, I would want to see that mod of yours, in case you do make it. I, with some other players/ supporters of 0 AD, believe that an RTS-city manager hybrid can work. So yeah, you can post on say, Game - Modification forum to make it the right forum.
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    Hey guys, I was one of the original developers of Rise of the East back in 2010 when it was just me and Kimball. I'm totally down with this mod merge thingy.
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    I thought I'd post about the accuracy changes in alpha 22, i.e. why skirmishers are so good. Here's a graph of the differences in average damage per second between a21 and a22 for the basic ranged units. Their accuracy depends on the target's footprint (larger things are easier to hit), so I made graphs for both infantry and cavalry targets. (The calculations are straightforward but I won't detail them here.) Javelin cavalry versus infantry at 20-28m now do about twice the damage they did in a21: 12-14 instead of 5-8 hp/s. Their base damage was reduced slightly (the dotted lines are above the solid lines from 0-10m), but that didn't make up for the big increase in accuracy. For a23, we'll definitely want to adjust the numbers. Another difference in a22 is that veteran ranged units aren't boosted as much as in a21. Here's a graph showing that, along with the Mauryan and Persian "Archery Tradition" technology. (Archers' accuracy was reduced slightly in a22, so the dotted lines are above the solid ones.) Promotion doesn't come with a decent increase in accuracy like it had in a21, and the archery tradition difference is really stark: against infantry at 80m, archers only do half the damage they used to. We'll want to adjust these numbers for a23 too. Here's a few more graphs. When fighting against other ships, ships are much more accurate than shown above, since their footprints are so large. The bolt shooter (ballista), catapult (onager), and quinquereme have splash damage, which I haven't taken into account here.
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    For random maps we use several wayt to generate terrain shape. Mainly noise, functions or iterative generation. None or our generation methods procedural but extending the iterative models te be procedural is possible. If you are more interested on how the terrain shape is stored and rendered I'm not the person who would know But in any case I think your curiosity is best satisfied by diving into the code ^^
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    Noticed and mentioned that too, it's reproducible for others but not reported yet. It was mentioned in D332. Unfortunately the problem didn't solve itself yet.
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    Awesome cant wait to play the kushites even though their not %100 Complete
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    Not sure about that, though. The devs need someone to take care of both if that were to happen. I'm just happy that I can download all the deb files I need.
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    This method doesn't seem to be working. I still get the "can't fire projectile" error when my archers attack enemies. It seems like it has to be on the main actor and not attached props. Is there not a simple way to make it so I can have projectiles fire from a bone called "bone_Rhand" and not "projectile"?
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    Ah sorry @Brightgalrs I'm not a native speaker so I misunderstood you
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    I have some thoughts about mods, especially in these cases. If we want to change small function we need to copy the whole file. Could we make a logic, when mods has a javascript file (i.e. Player.js), which has only one function, overloaded from the original one, and we replace it with new version of the function? Or at least make it for components, to prevent such issues. Just an idea.
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    lol @niektb he's saying hes in support of the merger
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    if someone else... want promotional art Terra Magna Logo Effects 02.psd
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    Last few days there has been a proliferation of smurf accounts by some unknown good player(s). Its just anoying when they break team balance. Going back to the topic, I caught someone (I guess the same guy) using my name (joined by IP) Franksy also told me he played 1v1 with someone claiming to be me. Also, I think someone faked elexis3 account with rating in a maxtihost (but I can't prove that). I think the worst problem with this behaviour is that these idiots are making the victim look bad.
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