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    • I think every civ would get an arrow ship and either a boarding or ramming ship. Artillery ships are harder to justify for every civ. What do you think?    My other idea is to strip everything down to 1 warship per civ and the differences between civs would be that you can have (or not have) upgrades to stronger ships based on civ. So, every civ gets at least a 'Light' warship, with some civs getting techs for 'Medium' and then 'Heavy' upgrades for their warship (SINGULAR). Further differences would come with special naval techs.
    • I’ll check out the plugin/addon for Blender. For people like myself this isn’t much of a problem but for 2d artists in general it would be great to have a standalone app that can view in perspective and even save the perspective angle for later reference. I see a lot of potential in MakeHuman for 2d artists. They should definitely consider it. At this point in time it’s pointless spending years studying or mastering human anatomy. DesignDoll is a standalone app that focuses on posing etc… ClipStudio (screenshot below) takes it a step further and implemented it right inside the software. I wonder if Krita will implement this in the future, if not MakeHuman can be an excellent tool if the developers are aware of where this whole thing is headed. Tools such as these can definitely speed things up for a lot of 2d artists when working on projects like 0 A.D.  
    • I come from a high-poly count background. So my question is: Is this because with low-poly, every mesh is different and therefore should be started from scratch? If low-poly isn’t the reason, then I believe it’s best to have a collection of basemesh ready to use.
    • But all civs would get the boarding ships? Same question for the arrow ships. I am asking this because if any civs miss a counter unit, it will increase the gap between the civs on naval maps.
    • You can test "Network Latency" by starting a lan game. It will have  a command delay of 4 turns (800ms)  
    • The idea is to make ships that are dedicated to a purpose so that a countering system can be devise, kind of like a video game. 
    • We only need three types of warships. The first type is a light reconnaissance and transport ship, which can carry a small number of shooters and can board or ram enemy ships. The second type of medium-sized warship is the main force of naval warfare. It is fast and can carry more shooters. It can also board or ram enemy ships. The third type is the catapult warship. The combat system of this kind of ship is divided into two parts. One part is the catapult, which has fixed working efficiency and damage, and is specially used to attack fixed coastal buildings. The other part is the same as the medium-sized warship, relying on the archers on board to shoot arrows at the enemy ship, but the number of archers that can be carried is smaller, and they can also board or ram the enemy ship. As for the heavy warships of some countries, it must be known that in the era without steam engines, too large a ship meant cumbersome. The giant ships built by countries such as Ptolemy and Seleucid are actually not very efficient in combat. They are more of a spectacular decoration to reflect national power. These large ships can be used as Easter eggs to reflect, but they do not have to be included in the The main consideration of naval warfare.
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