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For some time now I've been wanting to make a spec mod. Currently the 'chrome', 'dashboard' or whatever the overlay is named provides little insight to what the player is doing. This is true for both

Is the dream real? cc @leitoso

Well, quick and dirty it is then:     The sharpness of the text leaves to be desired, I wonder if there's a way to improve it.

Posted Images

That is looking spectacular, dude, great work. I used the older version for my commentary for the game I'm releasing this Sunday, shame I couldn't have used this shiny, revised version, but I had to get it done while I had time last night :) Will have this new one up and running for later...:) 

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Making the top bar more functional is a good idea and for sure welcome.

A few remarks:

  • Make background opaque, the current alpha value doesn't really help to see what is going on behind it and it isn't click through in the first place anyway.
  • Use the same skin including the golden rim, so it looks just as if part of the original UI. The coloured background for the emblem and font of player name is already sufficient, no need for a coloured bar as well.
  • Ideally use the same height for the panel as the menu on the right hand side, so it perfectly blends with the rest of the UI.
  • The original functionality (the three bars prod/tech/unit) seems pretty broken.

Anyway thanks for your continued work on this.


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2 hours ago, hyperion said:

The original functionality (the three bars prod/tech/unit) seems pretty broken.

Can you expand on that? I neglected it a bit yes, it will be reworked when we approach release quality, but I've been using it and have not experienced any major issues.

The only major issue I could see happening is the default positioning overlap (if it happens), this will be fixed soon.

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Nice job on the mod, works really well. Is it possible for you to add extra camera height? Comes handy for better overall view when testing maps or if you simply just want more view.

I Also like the quickjump to player when clicking civ emblem.

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really awesome mod :D I think the especially the overlay for the units that are currently produced can be a big help if you are not a pro player, so you don't forget to keep producing more.

Therefore my only feedback is that you might want to change the title of this thread, because i briefly looked over it here in the forum and also saw one of @mysticjim videos and just thought that this mod is only a nice addition if your watching a replay or if you're spectating. (And not that you can also use it while playing)

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As a note for those seeing errors when playing with spec mod, as opposed to specing.

This is caused by fgod redefining a function used by monitor mod, not loading fgod fixes it. You can also try loading fgod after monitor mod, but havent tested that.

The issue happens as soon as when you get vision on a team game.

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#1 Unlisted catapults/ bolt shooters

Hi, I noticed that all my siege catapults disappear from the UNIT section when they are all unpacked. If for example 1 is packed and 3 are unpacked all 4 catapults can be seen in the unit section, but they all disappear when all of them are unpacked. Image below for more clarity. This also applies to bolt shooters, not battering rams as there are not able to unpack.


#2 Women trained in houses 

I also noticed that when I train women in my house and not in the CC, an additional field appears in the UNIT section. Image below for more clarity.


#3 fgod

On 14/12/2020 at 8:43 PM, badosu said:

 You can also try loading fgod after monitor mod, but havent tested that.

I have tested it but I still have the errors, unfortunately I had to disable the fgod mod. The errors were too annoying during gameplay.

#4 Military siege weapons counting

Also, my rams, bolt gunners and catapults are not counted as military units as you can see in the image, is that supposed to be the case? 

#5 Thanks for the mod, I never play A23b without it.

EDIT1: added women bug

Edited by Langbart
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Hi @Langbart, thanks for testing!

#1, #2 units are grouped by their template name, I've noticed this as well. For certain templates I have code to transform the different template names into a single one here. Might not be working as intended/require adjustments.

#3 yeah fgod overwrites a vanillar function that is used to display the player stats, might be an easy fix but didn't try to fix it yet

#4 We count only class soldier here. The fix is straighforward as long you can count unique military units with same pop density. I avoided siege units/hero pops due to some occupying more than 1 population slot (and laziness).

#5 I appreciate!

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