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Hovering shrubbery bushes


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In today's multiplayer test match (r22829) I noticed some shrubbery (bushes) hovering on the map.

  • Map: Hell's Pass (mediterranean biome).

According to @elexis it is likely one of these:

        "grass": "actor|props/flora/grass_soft_large_tall.xml",
        "grassShort": "actor|props/flora/grass_soft_large.xml",
        "reeds": "actor|props/flora/reeds_pond_lush_b.xml",
        "lillies": "actor|props/flora/water_lillies.xml",
        "rockLarge": "actor|geology/stone_granite_large.xml",
        "rockMedium": "actor|geology/stone_granite_med.xml",
        "bushMedium": "actor|props/flora/bush_medit_me.xml",
        "bushSmall": "actor|props/flora/bush_medit_sm.xml",
        "tree": "actor|flora/trees/palm_cretan_date.xml"




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@BigtigerThey look nice however I have a few questions.

  1. Do they have roughly the same size as the old ones they are replacing ?
  2. If you load a map (eg. Hell Path mentionned above) do they fit in ?
  3. Are they no longer flying above the ground ?
  4. (Bonus) Do you think they are okay to replace 


If all the above answers are yes then it's all good :)

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