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  1. Bigtiger

    Skirmish Map: Jungle Valley (2)

    Thank you for the feed back. I've added some more vegetation to have more of that jungle look. If I added the amount of vegetation in a real jungle my computer would die lol.
  2. Hello 0 A.D. Community Here is another map upload. This map was intended to be a symmetric map using a lush jungle design. Hope you enjoy the map. Pics (5) (Updated) More Vegetation Jungle Valley (2).pmp Jungle Valley (2).xml
  3. Bigtiger

    Skirmish Map: Coastline (2)

    Sure, you can have your holiday there, but bring sun lotion!
  4. Hello 0 A.D. Community I've made a map that has an symmetric layout with a coastline design. The map should be balanced, but If you find anything that needs be added, changed or removed please let me know. The map is low on wood but abundant in stone, metal and fish, with each starting position having a shipwreck (treasure) to help get started. Coastline (2).pmp Coastline (2).xml
  5. Hello 0 A.D. community, Here's a map for the taking if anyone who wants to use, or play it. The map is inspired from a castle named Molivos Castle on the island Lesvos off the West coast of current day Turkey. A link to the Wiki page for more info of the city that houses the castle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mithymna Enjoy! Lesvos Castle (2).pmp Lesvos Castle (2).xml
  6. Hello, here's a map I made that's intended for 1vs1 (fast action) on a tiny scale size map. Been testing on how far a map of this scale can be pushed without it feeling that cramped. Please let me know if there are some good pointers that I should follow when making a map in tiny size, or is it just to small of a scale to be functional anymore. Pics The Duel (2).pmp The Duel (2).xml
  7. Had to make a map as my map making addiction wouldn't go away today, and here are the results. Please let me know what you think. The map is made for 2vs2 in mind. Map Location: Euboea Greece. Download for whom may want to play the map.
  8. Bigtiger

    Skirmish Map - Roman Road (4)

    Thank you for the support for this map. Im still new with the map editor so i'm not that great at finding bugs and what textures to use. If anyone wants to take on fixing them, or make changes please feel free to make whatever changes you want. Going over these to learn some more about the map editor. Thanks
  9. Wackyserious I was just making something similar. The stiff cliffs are nice look, and I like how you place the forest with those textures. I'm working at getting better at placements.
  10. Thank you, for all these great tips. Wasn't aware of the actor trees, gives me a great idea for a map! This was a concern, and the test I did confirmed the bottleneck issue, but with all CC-area the siege ram was able to access. I should aim for the stronghold gameplay, but like the others said with less bottleneck problems and more access points.
  11. Bigtiger

    Skirmish Map - Roman Road (4)

    Ah, thank you I forgot to address that. Fixing it right now.
  12. I made this map for a demonstration purpose, and was wondering if a mountainous map should or shouldn't look more or less realistic in 0 A.D. This design has building limitations as its very mountainous, but in a mountainous region I imagine this would be true. Before continuing to expand the map which is in a medium size. I would like to know if pursuing a map design like this has any use before going to a large/giant size map.
  13. Bigtiger

    Skirmish Map - Roman Road (4)

    Okay, here is everything that you will need (I hope). Name: Bigtiger (Nathanael.M) Files: Via Augusta (4).pmp / Via Augusta (4).xml Screenshot
  14. Bigtiger

    Skirmish Map - Roman Road (4)

    So I changed the texture that is closer to a Roman road, and changed the name of the map to Via Augusta. I did a little research on Roman roads, and darn they knew how to make some impressive roads for that time in history. My name doesn't need to be in the credits if the map is commited. Here's a link for the Roman road I think fits this map. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Via_Julia_Augusta Xml: Via Augusta (4).xml Are the PMP file needed?