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  1. Bigtiger

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    Thanks for the recommendation to use an ao. It now looks 100% better. More awesomeness added.
  2. Bigtiger

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    I'm not familiar with baking ao. How do I go about doing that? (Something like this?https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/13956/how-do-you-bake-ambient-occlusion-for-a-model)
  3. Bigtiger

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    Development Update. Structures: Polish Fortress Map: Pine Forest (2) Reference for polish fortress: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Będzin_Castle ,
  4. Bigtiger

    There is no space in the wall.

    @gameboy I had to work with this same issue when making my own custom walls. My work around may be different but it worked. Step#1 go to simulation/template/structures then select a wall piece you want to change. (example gaul_wall_long.xml) step#2 open xml file and go to the bottom where you will find. <WallPiece> <Length>25.5</Length> </WallPiece> Change the length that you find works best for your wall gap. Warning* if changing this for any wall length you might have to change the length for wall_small and wall_medium, and possibly your wall_tower. This might not be the best way to change it, but it worked for me!
  5. Bigtiger

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    This weeks progress update Structures: Market, Fortress, Temple, Sentry Tower and Barracks. Map: Malbork Line (2)
  6. Bigtiger

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    I hope to have the Teutonic Faction finished for the end of December, along with the troop selection, and a few maps to go with it that are compatible for 0ad and some that are made just for the mod. When the mod is first released it will be a basic faction mod, but with plans to grow into something bigger. I'll be working out all the balancing and game play features with the Teutonic faction, and once that is all done then more factions will come.
  7. Bigtiger

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    Melee soldiers are going to be diverse, as im looking at having light to heavy infantry with each one having their own perks and weapons. I hear you on the range units, they are going to be hopefully setup to work as a support unit, easy to maneuver in the battlefield with good speed, but not dominating the battlefield (except for the English long bow men as they are an exception). One kind of troop that I want to make are banner men. They will have a small area effect which will give good melee/range perks, close to what some heroes currently do. Im not sure if there is a cap on how many troops the game can allow to be made from a barracks, fortress or civ center, but if a large, balanced, diverse troop selection can be made then that would make me happy. Allowing for many different army builds is always a plus. INFANTRY Swords/Blunts/Axes 2 types of light infantry 2 types of medium infantry 1 type of heavy infantry specialized unites: vanguard, champion units. INFANTRY pole-arms 1 type of light infantry 1 type of medium infantry 1 type of heavy infantry specialized unites: pole-arm vanguard, champion units. CAVALRY Light-Lancers Sword-Cavalry Heavy Lancers Champion Lancers Range Units Archers Support Priest (healer) Banner Men (melee/range boost)
  8. Bigtiger

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    Thanks, i'm working at trying to get the Teutonic faction finished as soon as I can. Once the Teutonic faction is finished I can use some of the same building designs for a polish civ as they share similar architecture designs. Atm im working at getting the market finished, and designing the barracks
  9. Bigtiger

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    Teutonic Order Faction Update. Walls are about 90% finished, as the gate animations are still under development. The gate door will fit 2-3 units wide, making for a choke point if used this way. gate size reference, https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-gate-malbork-castle-medieval-teutonic-order-crusaders-poland-image72248634
  10. Bigtiger

    Gate Door Animation Help

    @stanislas69@Alexandermb Thank you for your replies. I'll defiantly use your skeleton maker, as that is more then likely what im missing. Currently im using my own armatures and mesh, so there hopefully shouldn't be any conflicts with 0ad's. I have also downloaded Millenium Ad and now going through how you did it as well. I'll let you know when I figure this out. Animations aren't my best of talents, so wish me luck!
  11. I've read through the guides for animation importing from blender to 0ad, but im running into some difficulty. It could just be my lack of understanding of how importing animations into 0ad works, but im willing to learn and bring on the headaches. If anyone has any important tips on how this works that would be amazing. I've gone through this tutorial ( https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/AnimationExportTutorial ) and its been very useful, but if you have any more guides I might have missed, please share.
  12. Bigtiger

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    Teutonic Order Faction Update, Troops are almost finished, and moving on to structure development. Malbork Castle: Teutonic Civ Center https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malbork_Castle
  13. Bigtiger

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    My meshes for structures should be fine if I try to limit them to 1-2k verts, and use lower bit textures. Teutonic Order unit development pic.
  14. Bigtiger

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    This is the design that i got for the castle, it might not be an exact replica but inspired from it. I do want to make it historical accurate as much as I can, but I am working on a second castle and trying to get more details with the mesh and textures. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orford_Castle All textures are from 0A.D. I used the textures from the 0ad files and edit them. Is this okay or should I be using my own? For the 0ad engine, what would be considered high poly. I have modded before in M&B and if you can shave polys off you did it. Thank you for all the responses.
  15. Bigtiger

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    Wasn't aware there was a second part to Millenium AD. If the Millenium team is looking for this kind of material then i wouldn't mind contributing, but I'm also interested in making something separate that wouldn't be the same as Millenium AD.