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  1. (1) Yes (2) Kinda (3) they don't fly (4) I'll make some adjustments.
  2. @Stan`Would these meshes be okay for "bushMedium": "actor|props/flora/bush_medit_me.xml", (7) meshes, 6 meshes have 144 verts. One has 600 verts (1) texture 512 x 512
  3. I'll be sure to make it fit/replace with the current Mediterranean textures.
  4. I could make a couple new bush meshes with new textures.
  5. I have no request, but thanks for the offer. Your'e doing an amazing work on the current animations!
  6. The cloth is from 0ad files. Made the new mesh to get a new UV map with more room to expand on. I'll send you the files as soon as possible. You need a new mesh for it?
  7. Development Update. More decals with improved trees. New body mesh. I apologize for the slow development, as iv'e been learning new things in blender. Hope to have some awesome updates in the future.
  8. Currently it isn't on github or gitlab. Its also had some delay as other projects and other things come first.
  9. @JamesWright Hello james, It's still in the works.
  10. I couldn't come up with any good names, but maybe a Germanic or Gaul name might fit the maps better.
  11. I appreciate the critique as it helps me to improve. Hopefully you don't have to wait to long!
  12. I still have lots to learn when it comes to creating trees, but here are some holm oaks I made. (436 tris)
  13. A picture on some changes that have come with the units, which include more accurate armor textures from the 13th century to late 13th century.
  14. @__najimakimoda Everyone is different on how they keep themselves productive, but here are some tips I found to help remain productive. (1) Set small daily goals. I try to set a goal to make an object(mesh) or texture a day. (2) Don't rush your project. Rushing can lead to fatigue which can also lead to dropping your project. (3) Start projects that you are interested in. Working on projects that you like can give a boost in your productivity. (4) Listen to music to help stimulate your creativity. Hope these helped
  15. There's a decal under each tree (something like dirt) it's not very noticeable but enough to help add more blend into the terrain.
  16. The Temperate Forest. Now go chop it down!
  17. Having walls able to upgraded to have machicolations would be a nice feature. Maybe a stone wall which can be built is needed.
  18. Things have moved quicker this week, but for a release i'm not sure when. I want two factions to be well balanced and the rest to be polished enough to be enjoyed by the community. One game-play change that is coming with the mod is taking away the ability to build walls. Walls will be built in with the maps, and walls are going to be at-least 5x-10x stronger. So how you use the castle is up to the player, but wooden palisades can still be built. example:
  19. Haha got it, I touched them up a-little so it now has a smoother look...for a low poly. Edit: I got them down to 50-55 poly Thanks Stanislas69, the lighter colour does make it contrast better.
  20. @stanislas69 @LordGood Each pole-arm is about 50-60 poly each. Not sure if that would hurt performance wise.
  21. Thanks, I'll try to improve them a bit more. Helped me to get a better understanding of what was going on during this time of history. Thank you for the link. Edit: If you know of any other links that have similar topics please share.
  22. I fixed the file arrangement so contents are in proper order. The GitHub link has also changed with this fix. https://github.com/BigTiger7/0ad_flora
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