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I was just banned


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I just got banned for a week for "rating fakery" whatever he means with it.

I did nothing like this. ANd I find it crazy there is such reason to ban people.

The last guy I kicked out of my game bc he was breaking my rules. And the @elixes wrote me in chat talking about rating fakery which I had nothing to do with.

Now he banned me for a week!

THis is admin abuse!

I want instant unban!

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You are toxic both in the forum and in the game.

You in some days had your account banned on forum, and was muted several times in the lobby by offensive language.

You are now banning your opponents to win the games.

Totally fair, use this time to learn something.

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I banned him from the forum and I don't think it was unjust. Most I wrote down in the report comments and am absolutely OK with posting our private conversations in a staff post if anyone in the staff team doesn't agree with banning him.

I also think it's also justified to ban him again from the forums for he keeps shouting and using a second account. Without opposition of a team member I'll ban him, soon (but I guess let's wait for the lobby ban to be discussed).

I don't have any information about his lobby ban.

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I prefer to have him restored to his original forum account since it matches his lobby name and this whole discussion is confusing for anybody that doesn't know all the context.

I want to let him speak. I vote to have him temporarily unbanned from the forum. (Maybe it makes the most sense to just keep this annoyingbabe name for this thread since switching to plautus in the middle might make the confusion worse!?)

My focus is on the lobby ban issue. The forum ban issue is separate but we can't really resolve this if he has no access at all.

I've heard alot of different things now... I'm trying to put it all together. 

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Basically I see 2 main questions..

When plautus banned the guy from his game, was the ban occurring while plautus was losing?

And the other question is, Is the claim true that he was banning because of someone breaking some no balista rule? I have heard him mention in the lobby about those units so it seems plausible he did make that rule..

Questions for @borg- I guess and @AnnoyingBabe/plautus

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