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  1. I'm so happy now! Even happier than before the ban
  2. thank u! @user1 I can finally play!!!! YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAA! @Angen find me in the lobby!
  3. Did u consider that the person who banned me hasnt responded yet? How about u tell that to him?
  4. and u cannot just ban someone based on accusations. Why am I not immidiately unbanned>?
  5. yes there is no evidence of fakery, so the ban must be removed!
  6. @user1good u realize that. I made a lot of points, but they all get ignored by the other members intentionally. who can unban me now?
  7. @Lion.Kanzen this is riduculous. and yes he's helping. He's bringing in some common sense!
  8. Why I have to exxplain?> I alrady layed my points down. Its a default setting, why do u put the darn setting on default, to force me to unclick it every time? And also why do i even have to answer this question?> So u want to manage my games?> How Come I even have to justify why I do this or that in MY GAME!!? I hosted the darn thing. If players dont like my games they dont need to join. U make me crazy. The system is injust. In no game ever did I have to justify why I put the settings a certain way and let other tell me who to kick or not to kick.
  10. @user1 U said by kicking I am violating ur terms of service? How? U enable the player to kick and ban people yet u demand of him he doesnt make use of it. How does this make any sense? Then this function shouldnt be available in the first place. I dont see any way how someone can violate any rights. U give the host rights yet u dont allow him to make use of it. To me that makes no sense.
  11. BUt hwat if my ban is unjustified? have u ever thought baout that? @feneur So I just have to wait 24h + to get response? ANd maube wait days to then get unbanned when it was all not mny fault?
  12. But what I find most unfair is that this admin elexis is still ignoring this discussion after having me banned for already an hour and fully knowing that this conversation is going on and that it's his call to react and solve
  13. Then what is ceasefire meant for? @user1 That u put 15 rams inside ur opponents base and he cant do anything about just so u can destroy his city center once the countdown is over? U say I have to tell everythjing. So I have to take 5 min before every game to explain ALL the rules to every single player over and oever again?> The rules I set up are 2, but I cannot mention every dirty little trick that makes the game unfair. I epxect my oipponent to play fair. We hgave 10 min peace and they should be smart enough to understand that putting ur army inside anothers base just bc u can doesnt mean it is fair or allowed nor putting a towncenter right at ur border so that u cant even expand.
  14. @user1 Of course I know ur involvement. I mean elexis for not responding. He just bans and then does nothing. ALone that should be enough to count as an unjustified ban! But it seems like he has such a high rank on this platform that nobody really cant do anyrthing but to wait for his mercy! To ur point 1. I like to finihs my games. Why let poeple ruin my game when they break my rules? Sometimes I have 5 people in my game, and I kick the ones that break the rules. I always do that. And the game goes on!
  15. also banniong me and not solving the the issue immidiately is an utterly questionable attitude of an admin!
  16. QUestions isnt for me but I'll also say something to this, and then gladly listen to the others. 1. I host a game, I am the host, so I can kick or ban however I like (so basically I dont have to justify anything here, but I will still do) 2. I kick for people breaking my rules, or building right next to me at start leaving me no territory to expand sqeezing me or sending their army into my base during ceasefire. It's the dirty play I dont allow. 3. WHat kind of game administration is this where players get BANNED from the game for managing their own hosted games using the commands that are implemented in the game!? I have never seen such administration in a game where admins ban for ridiculous reason like this. U get banned if u cheat in a game ON a particular server. BUt for simply takijng my rights using my hosting rihgts getting banned from the whole game??> thats just absurd!
  17. how I get compensation for the unfair ban:?
  18. give up what? What I do get banned in the game for>? thes trying to distract from topic to another topic, ITs about the game ban!!!
  19. someone broke my rules yes sure/ Rules was no ballista/bolt I host deathmatches with these 2 rules. So sometimes I have to be forced to kick players who break these rules
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