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What is the expected rating of Petra AI-different diffuclties?


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I am motivated to develop an AI player which actually learns by playing with human players. I need a basis for comparison. 

This raises 2 questions:

1. What is the current rating of Petra?

2. Is it possible to create an AI which can play in the multiplayer lobby? I understand that modding is possible but then the mod-AI will be just another one whose performance cannot be quantified. 

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6 hours ago, Kautilya said:

Stan, I understand that it can be a mod. But can it be a player at the multiplayer games lobby with an independent rating?

Well currently the AI commands are not written to the replay there is a ticket and a patch for that by @Sandarac. But if you manage to send the commands on the network I guess it can. The only issue is that the ai has a revealed map.

Maybe @elexis or @wraitii know more.


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I think you would have a bit of trouble writing an AI that pretends to be a player, though with some good C++ modding it's probably doable.

Indeed however currently there's no way for the AI to get visibility information, it assumes everything is visible all the time, so you will run into trouble with unitAI not agreeing to your orders (as there are some visibility checks in unitAI that would succeed for you all-seeing AI and fail for your AI-as-a-player)

At the moment, implement LOS for AI is quite complicated.

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