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  1. In general which mods work for the new version?
  2. I guess its a bit heavy for my university project. But, thanks for your replies. I will dig through the code more in my free time and see how it goes.
  3. Stan, I understand that it can be a mod. But can it be a player at the multiplayer games lobby with an independent rating?
  4. I am motivated to develop an AI player which actually learns by playing with human players. I need a basis for comparison. This raises 2 questions: 1. What is the current rating of Petra? 2. Is it possible to create an AI which can play in the multiplayer lobby? I understand that modding is possible but then the mod-AI will be just another one whose performance cannot be quantified.
  5. I consider this as a project for my AI course and was wondering if I can build a new AI player as a mod, which can subsequently be used as a player in the games lobby.
  6. I would like to report Siverstres user ID who exited without resigning just 30 sec before the expiry of wonder. My ID is Kautilya. Later he complained that 20 min of wonder time was not fair. He knew about it before he started and also during gameplay but did not raise a concern then. He should have exited earlier.
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