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  1. No, as others have already alluded to, if you want your patch to be properly reviewed and possibly committed, it should be ported to Phabricator (notwithstanding the glut of unreviewed patches). Github pull requests are not used in the development process. See: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/SubmittingPatches and https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Phabricator
  2. Sandarac

    AI Diplomacy

    AI diplomacy is simple right now, and it relies on the illusion that the AI knows what it's doing. If a bot realizes it has a lot of enemies, it may try to request an alliance with a player who also has a lot of enemies. If you try to change your stance with a bot in a positive direction, it will be more likely to accept if its population is low. In many cases, if you are the same civilization as a bot, it will be more likely to become allied/neutral with you (I'm not sure if I should have added that quirk, although mimo was fine with it). But also in many cases, the decisions it makes (when it comes to diplomacy) are random. In terms of future plans, it would be nice to get rid of most of the randomness, and use some heuristic algorithms instead.
  3. Sandarac

    Error in description.

    I checked; there is a bug in the code. Petra will still try to expand in some cases with Sandbox difficulty, even though it shouldn't. Patch: D764
  4. Sandarac

    Alpha 22 - resourceSupplyType is undefined

    The first error (in shared.js) happens on turn 19209, and the other three in worker.js come up later because of this one. This bug does not seem to be new in Alpha 22; looking at the code, it seems to have existed for several years (the chance of it occurring is very low). D751 will hopefully sort it out (not in time for A22 though).
  5. Hello, I have been working on adding range visualizations, starting with auras (ticket #4349). The code is currently on Phabricator (D238), but right now the patch needs to be refactored in order to make the range visualization code more generic. This will be done partly by moving some of the new C++ in the patch to a new Javascript component (RangeVisualization). I wrote up an extensive summary on Phabricator, but basically the patch allows adding a unique line texture, texture mask, and line thickness to the JSON files of range auras, which will be rendered when entities are selected (like the selection overlays). If none of these are specified in the aura's JSON, then defaults will be used (the default line texture being the one used for building selection overlays). The patch also adds a config option to allow disabling the rendering of aura ranges, and also a hotkey to toggle the option in-game. If an entity has more than one range aura, then all of them will be rendered, which raises some questions on how to handle auras that have the same range (currently, this is only an issue for one hero unit). Right now, there is a bug in the rendering code for selection overlays (#1368), which use SOverlayQuad, that causes them to clip through terrain, and so this limits the visualization texture to a simple line. "Fancy textures" that use SOverlayQuad (like those demoed in Delenda Est) cannot be used for now, but they can certainly be used for range visualizations once the terrain-clipping bug is fixed. There was some discussion on this bug, and visual ranges in general, here: Here are some screenshots for auras, though they are rough, as the patch is still in progress. This next screenshot is an example of a unique line texture for the aura of a hero unit (a spiral). Eventually, range visualizations can be given to defensive buildings like defense towers to show their ranges - there is another trac ticket for this. Also, it might be nice to show range visualizations in placement previews. There are still some design decisions that need to be made regarding range visualizations, and I have been discussing this with some of the developers. One in particular is the possibility to give civilizations their own unique textures (this would require a lot of new art). Also, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to hotkeys, as there could be a hotkey that toggles the persistent rendering of the range of certain units - regardless of the config option (for example).
  6. Sandarac

    Error with registration for the multiplayer

    In Alpha 22, the error message will be a bit more helpful by explaining the registration limit (added in this revision: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/19205).
  7. Sandarac

    Bug closing the game

    This is a known issue, and has been reported here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/4154
  8. Sandarac

    Victory Conditions Ideas

    AI support is coming soon as well: D236.
  9. Sandarac

    Victory Conditions Ideas

    Nice! Thank you for working on this.
  10. Sandarac

    AI Gameplay Suggestions

    The patch will only work in the development version of the game unfortunately. In any case, the patch isn't really in a usable state, as the AI won't properly check for obstructions when placing the walls. A few months ago that may have been the case, but now code review is done using Phabricator. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Phabricator
  11. Sandarac

    Victory Conditions Ideas

    A basic version of a "Regicide" victory condition has been added to the game. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/18544 Big thanks to elexis for making it happen.