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4 minutes ago, Kanabris said:

I think marketing is lacking, at least on youtube. Put yourself in front of others of the same kind. Open a donation page to help the game progress. The game is free, but working for free these days is pretty hard.

May be free marketing... But no the other...

Donation doesnt help. That doesn't patpy devs. Mostly here , we are volunteers.

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In this context, forking the project is a necessary decision (one that should've been done a long time ago I might add). There have been constant debates on what features to put in, what features should stay, and what features to scrap. So much so that people began making Mods that emphasized the division amongst devs and players.

If we were in a time when the goal of the game was unified, then a fork doesn't make much sense. But we've reached a point where there are divides so significant that developments tend to be on a standstill. This means continuing to develop a game with scattered goals is counter-productive. It makes more sense to have 1 game with 2 separate goals.

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On 8/12/2019 at 2:04 PM, av93 said:

BTW, how it's going Fork AD. When we can expect a release?

I would say that the answer are in our announcement! :-)




Project goals

We still adhere to the old ideals of doing things properly. That means we first have to fix some code rot so there is a nice foundation to build on. Do note that this does not mean that there are no improvements upon already sound bases. While we intend to improve all aspects of the game, our current focus is on mod support and single player improvements.


Stay tuned! ;-)


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16 minutes ago, fatherbushido said:

 "Wise men", I am not one of them

Let's look for them :)

17 minutes ago, fatherbushido said:

And please don't make me look what I am not. Please.

I did not want you to make you look old but if you are indeed older than me, then one could think you are probably wiser ?

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