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Disable 0 A.D. Factions


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When I start the Millennium A.D mod I can see all the 0 A.D. factions. It would be nice if all 0 A.D. factions could be disabled and only the Millennium A.D. factions are visible.

In my opinion it would be nice if Millennium A.D becomes a standalone game in the future. So, that other people can create mods for Millennium A.D.

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11 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

I like the fact you can mix factions

I liked that over a year ago when Millennium A.D. was more in an alpha state. Today the mod is in a playable state. Most of the bugs are fixed and the artist did a great job with the models (buildings, units etc.). I really like immersing into the early middle ages. However, this experience gets interrupted every time I have to select a faction or I load a map (map hints).

Furthermore, I would like to see more new civilizations added to Millennium A.D. through mods. The Arabs and Slavic civilizations would be outstanding. Maybe there is even the possibility of adding the Khmer Empire.

I am not saying that will happen in one day. However, I think it is time to make 0 A.D. factions invisible by default in the selection dialog. Mostly so that people loading the mod, but do not know which factions are part of Millennium A.D. are not getting confused. Advanced player and developer should be able to make the 0 A.D. factions visible in the selection dialog.

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In the civ.json files you canchange the property SelectableInGameSetup to false.

This way you can continue to use those civs on map as non playable factions.

Do note that because of a bug in gamesetup the name of such a faction will not be displayed (Unknown will be shown iirc)

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