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Roland (Gaul) v DoctorOrgans (Sparta) 2x


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  • 3 months later...

You could have noticed that I like to encourage people to post interesting replays, so maybe my like had little to do with you being on the losing side. However, in order to understand that, realizing that the world doesn't revolve around you might be needed, so I don't think we can do much here. You might have promoted yourself to a gold player in your terminology, but we can't just unsee all the many games you one-sidedly lost to players you'd like to view as inferior.

I only have the full data of replays between us two, but let me help you calibrate your views using this example. Recently you claimed to win 80 % of games against me. The truth? You only really got to 50 % by winning the last one (which took place after your claim). You didn't resign in a single of those games before the host was closed, but that doesn't make your defeat disappear. Your numbers are way off and I think you should be more respectful towards other players. A top player would probably beat a hobby player like me in at least 90 % of the games.

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its lying which makes you incomfortable and pushs you to write all this ? Did i ever said in my comment that u lost most games ?  nope, but it seems it was in ur mind ..  " 50% "   haha

And no, im silver = Top10  : not  gold = Top3  .  Even if my lobby score is 1925, i stay modest and realist on my level.

And yes, this thread is not populate of replays with predictable results. Normal.

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I don't understand anything you are saying now. You did say you win most of our games. I checked that and saw that it's wrong. I didn't really accuse you of lying, but I pointed out that your estimates were wrong. Anyway, I'm glad that you corrected yourself. Top 10 out of the currently active players sounds much more realistic to me than the top 3 you used to rate yourself. Next time you can just avoid making false claims when you know it leads to a predictable chain of responses that prove you wrong.


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I never ever pretend to be TOP3, i just pointed out to jc's-haters that they can't give me 10 names of players better than me. I can just give 3 names with certitude.  And sorry to insist, but yes, as far as i remember, i won most games. Maybe its just a feeling ?? Glad, you still have all the replays, it's not my case as i switched many times my OS as it's well known.

ofc, we can play 20 games to figure out if my claims are fantasy or not.


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7 hours ago, JC (naval supremacist) said:

jc's-haters that they can't give me 10 names of players better than me

  1. Boudica
  2. Valihrant
  3. borg
  4. Phyzic
  5. camelius
  6. chrstgtr
  7. Feldfeld
  8. RolandSC2
  9. Emperior
  10. faction02

(And I didn't want to put myself on the list)

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1. borg-

2- feldfeld

3- Valihrant

4- Mortak

5- phyzic

6- Liberty

7- Emperior

8- Jofursloft

9- camelius

10- RolandCS2

and I could put a huge list of offline players better than you

You're a big joke jc.

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  1. Boudica  (I won last 1v1)
  2. Valihrant (won last mainland but lost 2 navals)
  3. borg (lost)
  4. Phyzic  (1 game long time ago - and now refuses  to play with me now)
  5. camelius  ( 3 - 3 )
  6. chrstgtr (I won last 1v1  )
  7. Feldfeld (lost)
  8. RolandSC2  (I won last 1v1)
  9. Emperior  (refuses to play with me 1v1)
  10. faction02 (I won last 1v1)

so ..  as u can see, your list is a joke spiced with  usual hate. And when i say "won last" it doesnt mean i won 1 game , but just shows that taking last result is enough to dismiss false statments.  I ask a list of 10 players confirmed better on all type of maps.  And i can say that theres is only 3 players i confirm are better than me. Im not saying other players are inferior to me, i m modestly  just saying that those 7 other players cannot be classified as better than me.


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