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fgod-mod (for 0 A. D. A23) fully compatible with 0 A. D. players


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4 minutes ago, ButterFupps said:


I have a Mac running 10.13.6 High Sierra, A23, and fgod's entire folder in a folder called "fgod" in Application Support/OAD/mods.

I've enabled the mod and it appears to be active but every time I try to log into the lobby the game crashes.

Any help?



This is a known bug with the re-release to fix it either disable TLS in the game options lobby tab, or download the fixed bundle here http://www.mediafire.com/file/00lxxtdmsu64nrs/0ad-0.0.23b-alpha-osx64.dmg/file

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1 hour ago, ffffffff said:

can't find in callback xml object "gamelist"

So it calls some JS code from one GUI page that refers to a GUI object in another GUI page.

You can only refer to "gamelist"  in lobby.js.

If that "gamelist" reference is actually defined in lobby.js, I think D1701 could fix that error.

I suspect this happens:

  • User opens lobby
  • User joins game
  • Some button triggering your feature
  • Feature closing the page
  • Function opening a new page
  • Function JS code still running in the former GUI page but you wrote the code to run in the opened page

Or something like that Would have to look at the code for more details.

You could try to move the JS code to the other GUI page and/or that patch.

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21 hours ago, ffffffff said:

its callback from message function.

The current code expects that a GUI page that is opened with a "callback"  argument to be closed with PopGuiPageCB, not PopGuiPage.

I don't recall well, but I think the PopGuiPageCB variant clears the callback argument and the PopGuiPage might retain it, which might lead to behavior unexpected by the author. D1684 merges the two methods.

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