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Two handed animations


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On 20/3/2018 at 10:31 AM, Adeimantos said:

I made an axeman, giving it the mauryan axe, and swordsman animations, but wondered if there were two handed animations available; the axe is long enough and it's not quite realistic for it to be handled like a sword. 

May i ask how long is your axe? i would like to know the lenght for make a single 2h animation instead of other animations for every kind of axe, for now i'm using the danish axe from millenium ad



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There is some good work to be had here, but your animations currently seem a bit on the unnatural side.  The basis for manoeuvring an axe in battle should be from cutting wood, which uses similar principles.  In the video series about axemen, the side swipe to demonstrate attacking from the other side was unrealistic.  It did not give the axeman much reach, and the attack was slow.  This is perfectly natural, however, since the stuntman was aiming to not hurt the otherwise unprotected person.  

For a note on the one attack done on the axeman's non-dominant side, one of the issues is that the right hand reaches the left hand long before the attack has properly initiated.  This means that the grip is experiencing a lot of torque, and since the centripetal force of the axe has not come into play to balance it out, the motion seems extremely unnatural.  One animation that could be added for further variety is stabbing with the toe of the axe, a move that is mentioned in various Norse sagas.  Keep up the good work!

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