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Is it possible that when/if I sell this game, that I sell the source code seperately?

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As far as I understand it you can sell it for as much as you want, but you have to provide it for free as well. Hypothetically you could also sell any art/code that is not based on 0 A.D. art/code separately without having to provide it for free, but in practice, it's probably hard to define exactly what is separate enough.

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16 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

If you used any bit of code that's GPL, so lets say:

if (foo)

You'll have to release all your source code under the GPL V3 license, which means that yes you'll have to give it for free.

Isn't it GPL 2.0?

EDIT: It apparently indeed is GPL 2.0, according to this file:


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30 minutes ago, rjhwinner03 said:

Right, but could I sell the code with the game, or will I still have to give it away for free, regardless of the person buying it?

AFAIK: You could sell the code with the game, but you wouldn't be able to prevent people from redistributing it for free. So effectively it would be free.

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13 minutes ago, rjhwinner03 said:

What was this game written in anyways?

Also, how did they manage to code these things? I cannot find any documentation on RTS games.

The engine is written in C++ and JavaScript all of the source code and art assets are managed with SVN which is a versioning system that tracks all changes with a data base so that it is possible to revert any changes that don't work properly their are several versioning systems Git and Bazaar could also have been used you will not find much documentation on RTS engines as most are proprietary so their owners have a vested interest in non transparency so that they can keep the cash flow going.


Enjoy the Choice :)   

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I assume they started asking simple questions:


- How do i load a 2d image into ( python or Assembler if you prefer :P , just a programming language example) and make it move?
- How do i do to make this "entity" to walk into a given point, based on obstacles and best path?
- How do i improve this "images" i'm loading with animations?
- How do i send this data to another user so it can reflect whats happening in both pc's?
- How do i make a gui to place objects?

Start by asking simple questions, as @Loki1950 said, there won't be too much documentation about how to write an engine neither a: Write an engine for dummies books, but for sure you will be able to find papers/tutorials/docs searching for the simple questions.

It's quite like a snowball, but each will lead you to the engine

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8 hours ago, rjhwinner03 said:

I just do not know any good languages, api's, or engines that I could use (besides/except unity or unreal) that are purely in a language without an editor. 

Frel free to use Pyrogenesis. You just need to strip out some 0ad stuff in there. I guess some could be reused. C++ and Js is the two languages you need to know.

Since you seems to be new to this, I recommend to start with Panda3d as it supports python and still fits your criteria of not having an editor. It will be a good learning experience.

Or just use unity until you are familiar with this stuff.

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10 hours ago, rjhwinner03 said:

I just do not know any good languages, api's, or engines that I could use (besides/except unity or unreal) that are purely in a language without an editor. 

Ah, okay. Your original post made it sound (to me at least) like you wanted to take 0 AD itself and sell it, rather than use its engine for your own game. One thing to keep in mind is that you can use an open-source engine, but still have closed-source assets. Games like Frogatto do that, for example.

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to @(-_-)


Actually, I have a smaller project in Java that I created to resemble a RTS game. It has a RTS camera, model loading, A* pathfinding, and basic unit selection. I have stopped heavy development on it because of the broken unit selection system. The mouse has to be in a specific place for the unit to be selected, it cannot be in a small bubble. This is what I am researching at the moment.

This is using OpenGL and OpenAL.

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