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0AD Workshop : Arcade system


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For a long time, I've also been thinking that 0AD needs to be split in to two versions:

- A classic and streamlined arcade-version, perfect for online multiplayer and people who like a simple, fast-paced game.

- A much more expansive, time-consuming simulator, with endless options and a strong focus on realism, actual economy management and city building. (similar to the direction DE is taking, but even further)  

I believe this is the only way to satisfy most people, as they represent two very popular, but irreconcilable visions for 0AD. Trying to achieve both visions in the same game leads to mediocrity. But splitting them in two versions creates options for the optimization of both playing styles, and could make 0AD the best RTS ever made :)  

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Well, I think the current version of the game, when finished would be the "arcade" version I was referring too. Nothing needs to be trimmed of the current game, in fact, a number of elements still need to be added. But it would essentially be the finished version of what it is now, designed to the wishes of the online gaming community, tailor-made for competitive online gameplay, as we see in the recent surge of youtube video's being posted. The playing style is similar to AOEII, and follows the tradition of classic RTS games. It would something like 0 A.D. Classic

The second much more expansive version I was talking about, would go a lot further and deeper in every level of gameplay and visuals. Much more realistic, naturalistic, immersive and time-consuming. Something incorporating elements from classic rts games like the Age of Empires series and Rise of Nations, but at the same time breaking free from the dogma of classic RTS, and incorporating city building elements from games like the Anno Series, or the Pharaoh and Caesar series from sierra entertainment, as well contemporary examples like Banished, and finally include an actual economy management element to the game, with a large amount of goods that can produced and traded and need to be transported and stockpiled, instead of metal, stone, wood and food… Managing an actual population… Much larger and realistic maps, Infinite diversity in building types and variations, environment, wildlife, units and animations… Animations for everything! Even playing kids in the streets of your bustling little town, and laborers working away in your industries as porters shuffle resources and finished products back and forth and housewives visit the markets for grocery shopping. More realistic dimensions too. Some people will complain the units look like ants next too the trees and buildings, but they can play the "arcade" version, 0 A.D. Classic. It would bloat the game to several GB's in size, but I wouldn't mind… 

I also just realized this is the forum for Delenda Est, and might not be the most appropriate place to discuss these ideas.. My apologies for that.

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Honestly I really love the game despite missing so many things still longing to have in the game...generally what Sundiata and Shieldwolf are pointing at. Just recently feeling some frustration as well as anticipation as to what the next alpha can have and when.

Yesterday I read lots about Darkreaver's post and he really have very nice opinions. I only disagree about his style of battalion.

I think the developers are succumbing to multiplayer gamers attitude/demand. I recently been playing multiplayer and it's fun  but really ugly most of the time especially on teams. Lags, fast paced(causing lag too) that counters are not noticeable, when players drop they don't covert to AI, when host quits others can't continue, no walls, OP slingers, nerf archers, cavalry capturing buildings easily, no signals or flares to teammates. All these things are fine with me in single player. 

For singleplayer just give me road and more economic and military buildings (Stronghold style weapons maker, stable to breed horses) and more eye candy. Need more better maps like Alphine Mountains with more mercenaries and camps. But make sure "wololo" works all the time. Also if you have or a unit is able to build a unit production structure make sure it creates the unique units or designated units of that structure.

Village, town and city phase CC can't look different?




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@Lion.Kanzen sorry if I hijacked your thread or was on wrong place to post. I just try to connect something from other people's post. 

1. No free buildings is fine only thing I don't like is you start from lower phase but your CC looks the same throughout the game. 

2. Citizen soldier is a no to me. Soldiers or military units do military jobs but wouldn't mind if they build and gather but on a very much less effectiveness than skilled craftsmen. 

3. I favored capturing than militarily units destroying buildings using swords, arrows, slings etc. Siege needed.

Its hard to criticize the developers because of their efforts making this game but IMO they did not really plan well, no good concept design and proper execution of the things. Or maybe they need a very good leader who has good vision as to what to do.  I understand that most if not all are volunteers but making a half baked game is not good. Hoping much on modders.

So far the game imo is much better to be played in single player but the developers are too much focused on multiplayer. If they really are on multiplayer they should have made it more smoother in the very beginning like considering most the tools needed to make multiplayer playeable smoothly. Instead "they make the game look pretty from the outside but not the inside". To me this is good because it means it favors my style of playing against bots. But multiplayer wise it's not really strategic. Not only seeing  it on YouTube but playing it as well. 

IMO and playing pc games since late 90's until now RoN will always get my nod in terms of game mechanics(multiplayer). They are not realistic but very strategic. RoN looks ugly only when there is nukes if the game reach that phase. The game makes you think more. If RoN has promotions and infantry is produced in singles I wouldn't be here anymore. I stay because 0AD is really nice in singlplayer. And wololo makes me achieve my goals earlier which is to build my kingdom and defend massive attacks from multiple factions. It's really fun to have multiple Hero, buildings from other factions and some units from others too.

If 0AD has some Stronghold game mechanics like resources gathering for iron and stone, weapons making, siege units style, moats, happiness, ladders omg would be awesome. Walls connect to towers and units can walk on the walls. They don't exit like ninja too. 

If we put it the other way Stronghold 2 has units like 0AD, better realistic maps, no instant unit production, unit promotions, not instant structure building, wild animals, better buildings and defense mechanics...I think I will play more Stronghold.

There's another game coming out or maybe on steam already Medieval wars or kingdoms?! 


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