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1 hour ago, wraitii said:

Are you running the water on highest settings?

I think not all.

waterugly=false; Force usage of the fixed pipeline water. This is faster, but really, really ugly.
waterfancyeffects = false
waterrealdepth = true
waterrefraction = true
waterreflection = true
shadowsonwater = false


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3 minutes ago, wraitii said:

Hm, the water settings you posted above are good. I notice some artifacts in the reflections though. What map-specific settings do you use? Water waviness? Water type? This map looks like it would benefit from much smaller waviness and water type "lake" or "clap".

There're few issues with the water: not clean reflections, shifts of reflection (the issue above), not so realistic refraction's colors.

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23 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

part of problem is that default blank map start the terrain too high and the skybox does not reflect nicely. I modded the default starting map to have a lower base terrain height.


It would be nice if that could be changed in atlas


This is with a water type "clap" - @wraitii



Type 'ocean'




I really don't see to much change only the waves, but i'm agree with @vladislavbelov the refractions of colors aren't too realistic


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