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How to modify 0 A.D.?


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1 hour ago, fatherbushido said:

Is there a summary of the requests with the according numbers? (It would save the time of going through the whole topic).

Not as far as I know. Feel free to compile one. It's possible I occassionally misnumbered questions, though.

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67. Starting entities are defined in the {civ}.json files. They're useful for units, but not really for structures, because entities spawn at close proximity to the centre. Now what I'd like to have on random random maps is to have players start with six outposts (i.e. at 60° intervals) at a distance of 120 from their centre, rotated properly (so the ladders face towards the centre). Any suggestions on how to do that?

68. Relatedly, a map setting defining starting entities:

  • nomad
  • default
  • default + outposts
  • default + palisade
  • default + palisade + outposts

With the palisade also circular, like this: 0ad_palisades_circle.thumb.png.c07d55a0015ee3e9d20db3cfc394ae55.png

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On 12/29/2019 at 12:50 PM, Nescio said:

66. An option to deconstruct structures, which returns some resources but takes some time.

One could try replacing a structure (by "upgrade") with some kind of ruin, which has a recource supply?

Or an uglier solution, which I use in my mod, is to convert the structure to GAIA and let units break it down by attacking ^^

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On 9/7/2017 at 7:59 PM, bb_ said:

don't know if the path you added is correct it should be the path to where you putted the arcanist files anyway getting a diff with arc is done by

arc diff --preview

then (after pressing "y") a link to a webpage should pop up, from there you can make a new revision with the webgui.

Today I updated arc; apparently the libphutil is deprecated and merged into the arcanist repository. To my surprise, however, `arc diff --preview` no longer works; I get:

[0ad]$ arc diff --preview
Usage Exception: Unknown argument 'preview'. Try 'arc help'.

I don't understand why. After a quick search I found an alternative, `arc diff --only`. What's the difference?

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On 10/11/2017 at 2:39 PM, Nescio said:

40. If you use an ally's dropsite, you tribute 10% of the resources (and obtain the remaing 90%), and if an ally uses yours, you receive 10% of the resources.

In SVN now, you can use the following snippet in "CommitResources" in ResourceGatherer.js. I know you use A23b, but you can look at the changes from rP23733 to try and adapt it to your mod.

	let cmpPlayerTarget = QueryOwnerInterface(target);
	let changed = false;
	for (let type in this.carrying)
		if (cmpResourceDropsite.AcceptsType(type))
			if (cmpPlayerTarget && cmpPlayerTarget != cmpPlayer)
				cmpPlayer.AddResource(type, this.carrying[type] * 0.9);
				cmpPlayerTarget.AddResource(type, this.carrying[type] * 0.1);
				cmpPlayer.AddResource(type, this.carrying[type]);
			delete this.carrying[type];
			changed = true;

You can make the 0.9/0.1 a template value of some kind.

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