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-Volcanoes would be nice, certainly if you could make them erupt in a scenario!

You could remake Pompeii...

-Bridges, where boats can go under, and units can go over.

-Mythical creatures, from all factions in-game (and maybe even more).




Anubytes (& Anubis)

Sphinx (both as unit and as statue)

-Trojan Horse!!! (also a Pythonic Rabbit?)

-Crusified people! EDIT: was already proposed, srry

-Chests that can be picked up, they could have gold inside.

-Moai (from Easter Island)

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The dragon sounded really cool, if I were to make any scenarios, I'd love to have "sand/desert creatures to work with to add objectives such as an old man telling you "don't go down that path or a big scary monster will eat you", and the player being so surprised by being swallowed up by some kind of rancor XD.

And maybe some kind of stone golem (A bunch of stone structure shaped limbs put together moving in an automaton like sentient eeriness).

Plus, for the shrine, it is such an interesting theme you could expand on, maybe make variations such as a greek shrine, a roman shrine, a shrine of strange non human architecture 0_O, or even better yet, a giant sacred tree (Would be really cool to see a giant trunk in the middle of a village surrounded by villagers.

A robot 0_O.

Monkeys are essential to random crap (I'd love to see monkeys).


A flying machine.

A caravan cart.

Various flags.

A sea monster (To kill the ships in a kickass animation like a kraken in AoM by constricting it, maybe an octopus or sea serpent).

Serious Suggestions (Doesn't mean you can't consider the above ;p):

Broken Bridge (Wood and stone)

Wooden bridge

Stone Bridge

Various flags.

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Hi guys, I quickly registered to post this.

If you are looking for examples of excellent eye-candy, take a look at Warcraft 3's map editor. The game came out in 2003 but even now it has great graphics and a massive amount of objects. :)

I know W3 is fantasy, but you could find some nice ideas.



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Please, no myth units, dragons, tanks and other crap.

How can someone have such a stupid idea. ;)

Historical RTS with Minotaur. Come on. :)

:P Well, any non-historical objects will be strictly scenario editor only objects, so no worries about having to see them in ordinary maps (unless the map itself has got a mythical theme of course ;) ).

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All these ideas are great if not a bit...crazy. But obviously the developers won't make most of these. I suggest we start modding. Create your own models with blender or something, paint a texture, create a stat file, etc. etc.

Then submit your tanks, dragons, whatever, to the team and let them put it in a patch when the games come out :)

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No cacti are native to the Mediterranean region. All those that live there now were introduced by humans after the colonization of the Americas. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be available for scenario editors, but they should not be in 0 A.D. itself.

Lions: I've seen photos of Asian lions and they have manes; Greek vases also show manes. North African "Barbary" lions had heavy manes that extended over their whole belly.

North African elephants: should be edible

Dolphins: should also be edible, and if there's only one texture it should represent the common dolphin Delphinus delphis

Seals: these should be Mediterranean monk seals

Sharks: I don't think sharks attack people very often so I think unprovoked attacks should be a rare occurance, and since they are edible and are still eaten today, IMO they should be reclassified as dangerous consumable animals.

As for the eye-candy I wish -- If I could dream (and the artists had some kind of infinite time and money) or could model them myself:

wild animals: (not listed in the design document) for the random maps as well as the editor:

*wild donkey (small herd, edible) (color varieties?: African and Asian)

*Asian/Syrian elephant (herd, dangerous, edible) (extinct, larger than North African elephants)

*elk/moose (solitary, edible) don't know if they're really dangerous to humans

*great auk (flock, flightless, edible) (they lived in northwest Europe) if not for 0AD, then for TLA?

*hippopotamus (herd, violent or aggressive, edible) only for north Africa; usually stays around open water

*wild horse (tarpan) (small herd, dangerous, edible) refs: species description and an image linked from this blog

*spotted hyena (pack, dangerous)

*golden jackal (solitary, dangerous) (maybe with an additional color variant: side-striped?)

*leopard (solitary, dangerous)

*lynx (solitary, dangerous)

*monkey (pack, edible) only for Africa and Asia

*raven/crow (flock, flying, eye candy) if not for 0AD, then for TLA?

*swan (small flock, flying, edible) if not for 0AD, then for TLA?

*wild wisent (small herd, dangerous, edible) (European bison, now nearly extinct)

geography eye candy:

*karst topography elements: cliff face, sinkhole with cliff rim, limestone tower, limestone pavement

*streams entering and exiting underground

*beaver dam

plants: (not listed in the design document)

*food trees: Arbutus/Strawberry Tree, Cornel Cherry, Chestnut, Walnut, Almond

*non-food trees (eye candy): Yew, Elm, Plane, Laurel

*non-food plants (eye candy): giant fennel, papyrus

man-made features: (all eye candy, most destructible)

*huge sacred tree with ribbons, garlands, offerings, and so on hanging from it (no specific civ)

*Mycenaean tomb ruin (not destructible)

*small Carthaginian-style shrine/altar (to no specified god)

*small Celtic-style shrine or small sacred tree (unless it is redundant with the large sacred tree above)

*small Greek-style shrine/altar (to no specified god)

*small Iberian-style altar (to no specific god)

*small Persian-style fire-altar

*small Roman-style shrine/altar (to no specific god)

*small Greek-style hero shrine (did only Greeks have these?)

*generic Etruscan-style temple (to no specific god)

*generic Egyptian-style temple (to no specific god)

*generic Egyptian-style peasant/farmer house

*grungy plebian bar (if possible, a separate style of plebian bar for each faction that would have them: Greek, Roman, Persian, Carthaginian)

*trophy pillar with armor and/or ship prows

*circus (if not planned as a Roman special building)

*amphitheater (if not planned as a Roman special building)

*Egyptian obelisk

*the real Stonehenge (full size, fully reconstructed with all the extra stone and earthen bits it used to have) refs: history and reconstruction and two bird's-eye views

*maybe a Woodhenge as well? ref: this website which also has a history and reconstruction of Stonehenge

The statue of Zeus at Olympia doesn't make sense to me, since it wouldn't be sitting out in the open, but what about the whole temple? I'm guessing it was pretty huge, bigger than the regular temple in the game will be, and very highly decorated.

Last Alliance non-player units: (not suggestions for 0AD)

*giant eagles (like golden eagles) ref: http://digilander.libero.it/ilfossodihelm/disegnogwaihir.htm

*wild goblins/orcs (the kind in the Misty Mountains)

*wild stone-trolls (green and scaly) ref: http://digilander.libero.it/ilfossodihelm/...ouominineri.htm

*giant spiders


*trees that kill people (like Old Man Willow)

*Tom Bombadil! (not killable)

As far as Mythological units go: No plans are set, but I intend to have at least a FEW myth or fantasy units represented in the editor, at the very least to show what is capable through modding, but to also make it possible for designers to make interesting custom scenarios straight out of the box.
If this is still in any way planned for 0AD, it would be very neat if the mythological "Gaia units" for the scenario editor were the sorts of nature spirits believed in by the various civs: thus from Greek belief satyrs, dryads, naiads, and river gods. From Roman belief would come beings such as fauns. I don't know what other civs believed in, but you get the idea. These are the kinds of mythical beings I could imagine wandering around the landscape of a scenario, probably all of them indestructible by mortals, or nearly so.

Just throwing out ideas.


(Historical note: the hangman tree is not just an idea from King Arthur it is also part of the mythology of Wotan/Odin and these hangman trees date way back into ancient history especially in the areas in the north of Greece, parts of southern Russia, and Georgia. Also the Minoans alluded to these trees in some of their ancient ceremonies by dancing while holding snakes in their hands around trees that had dolls hanging from their necks )
I think that bad "scholars" such as Robert Graves just invented that supposed Minoan ritual. How would anyone know what religious rituals the Minoans had? There's no evidence unless someone witnessed it and wrote down a description in a legible language like Egyptian. Edited by Aldandil
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  • Icy bergs
  • Icy/rock spikes from ground
  • various Icy/rock shapes
  • frozen human
  • igloo
  • campfire
  • tree bunker building [enterable by 1 unit]
  • various metal cages[enterable by 1 unit]
  • large wooden cross
  • wooden cross with corpse on it
  • cave entrance model[ enterable ? ]
  • den hole model[ enterable by animals or so]
  • hole in the ground model
  • floating stuff meant to be placed on water

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How's this? I know it looks kinda dwarfed compared to stonehenge but I made it narrower so the beams don't look quite as chubby. I also added blood to one of the textures as a variant. Also included in the shot is a stonehenge model, broken pillar, crossroads, greek style arch, and the most difficult one to make yet, a persian pillar (in progress):


@Badass - I do believe the 'den hole' concept you posted is already in the game in the form of animal corrals.

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Crosses didn't start out as religious items, of course. Even for Christians, the Fish was an earlier symbol of the faith. Anyway, I and others have suggested sacred grove trees, temples, shrines, Pyramids, Stonehenge, graves, altars, etc. In fact, for the first release (500 - 1 B.C.) there should be no Christian objects at all (except for the editor-only objects). Those would come in the second release (1 - 500 A.D., specifically the later half when it was legal to build churches and worship in them).

I'm especially hoping for sacred trees (i.e., those marked by ribbons or garlands or unspun wool or whatever), graves, and small roadside shrines. In some cultures (such as ancient Greece) these were relatively common sights, but they aren't player-created buildings.

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What are the requirements if we were to make models of some of these things?

For instance, I can make things in blender, but I don't know about how to make it the right size (can you just scale things afterwards?), how to export to .cae, where to upload for review, or what textures to use.

Is it safe to assume that if I randomly make an object in blender it will be compatible with 0ad after a few revisions?

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Pretty much. Just export to either OBJ or DAE (1.4), upload it to a host, and post here on the forums and one of us semi-official WFG arts guys will take a look at it and add it to the game after any revisions that might need done.

One thing you can do to get some scale is to import some of the .DAE files from the game into Blender. That should give u a pretty good idea for scale.

It would be good in the future to make some kind of clearing house hosting or public SVN for fans who contribute art to the open-source project. Not sure if that's a huge priority right now, but it is a thought.

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