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Various Dinosaur species.

I think he's saying there could be an eye candy unit. Probably in the form of a pig called, "Capitalist Pig." I think it'd be even funnier if there was a zombie like unit for the editor. I'd call it, "Pinko Commie."

PS: I apologize to any Pinko Commies or Capitalist Pigs I might have offended in the above post.

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Capitalist pig no I am not insulting any one i just think it would be funny.

Render, I think that your confusion derives from the fact that the author didn't punctuate his post.... and that he just thinks, for whatever reason I don't know, that to have a unit in the ME called "Capitalist pig", would be funny... as he sez. Oh well. No BIGgee. :) So please relax and not feel offended. :)

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Hm, looks like an old topic but here goes nothing.

Different falling rain, possibly light to heavy. And some way to make a waterfall that is more effective then the AoM unit (It restricts too much in your scenario to be effective).

Also, Stalagmites, explosions (temporary bursts of fire, useful for a few things, including volcanoes), Cinematic grasses (High ones that are fairly dense and can hide units to a degree), and I'm not sure how you plan to do farms (or the such), but farms with different kinds of crops, orchards/vineyards, and ranch houses.

If any of this isn't necessarily possibly, then ok.

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A classic American Midwest "barn."

Cats, Dogs (as mentioned)

An assortment of bird types.

Here's a new one... Sound Effects that are "placeable" as an object. For instance, one could place a "cricket" sound-object in a field or a "jungle" sound-object in a forest... or a "busy metro area" sound-object in a town.

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