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yeah-lol. And dont forget those monkeys that existed in middle earth.

Oh-and those *flying* balrogs (hehe).

Seriously, not sure if it has been said, but clouds/stars are needed, i believe (if able to be implemented).

Weather effects such as rain (placeable by tiles0

Perhaps smouldering piles of dead people :)

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that was the more common occurance however I believe this was done during the punic wars a few times and there are these great pits you can go see where they burned the corpses.

then made smores :)

also what about cinatic blood that actually looks like blood aom's one doesnt look that much like pools of blood.

also what about some aquaducts and dont forget to add lots of miscelaneaous little everyday life ddecoration units like spare pots, some knives weapons and swords etc

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