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  1. BECAUSE of the existence of TLA.... where he would 'fit'... I would consider it an infringement upon Adam's and his boyz rights, a social feau pas at least.
  2. not currently planned for but has been put on the 'back burner'... has been addressed in detail.
  3. Well yeah, on deck ranged hominid units could attack in any direction they want to.
  4. A warship can ram another ship. That's the only kind of attack a ship can do. Ranged units aboard can shoot/throw their missiles. The number depends on how many are boarded... there is also some difference in range amongst unit types. Any siege engine is also a unit. Like other units, and depending upon what is 'authorized' in the type ship's complement, siege engine(s) may be boarded or disembarked to fight on the land as units are not integral to the ship. Hacker units are just that, hackers having no range capability. In certain circumstances hacker would be able to board ship-to-shi
  5. Carthaginians = some 'homeboy' type units + levys + mercenaries. Yes, shown in some way. Punic era. Rome = Camillian era.
  6. Because it is a game requiring some semblance of balance in order to promote replayability, you need to think of it this way: as Romans have strong units to also make them cheaper would make the civ overpowering and the game unbalanced... pretty soon Romans are 'banned', or everybody wants to play Romans and th other civs get no play, or people who don't want to just give up on playing the game... noone of which are good results. The short answer is that the historical demographic isn't, or cannot, be adhered to without turning the game into a historical simulation... not our goal. BTW, duri
  7. I'd like to return to Argalius' question about whether weather would have an effect upon gameplay, or not... as I think that it is a bit of a confusing issue. As originally spec'd, yes, some, IF Seasons are 'turned on' in game setup. If Seasons are not turned on during game set-up, then there is not weather effect because there will be NO weather during the course of a game session. How seasons would 'present' themselves is tied to climatological biome (as a theme)... one might say loosely but not really inaccurately, climatology zones... such as Alpine, Temperate, Mediterranean, Steppe, Semi-
  8. I don't really know what Federico's current status is except that he joined DGDN some time ago now. He may be 'inactive' just because there hasn't been much for him to do in the interim.... until such as beta testing and/or scenario development become a main thrust.
  9. Well, that's right and you aren't likely to because you live in a Mediterraean Biome climatalogically. The Med climate gets most of its rains during Winter season then followed by long hot dry summers that can be as long as 8 or 9 months ocnsecutively, while in Holland Argalius lives in a Temperate Biome climate, so it may rain at any time of the year, any Season. In the game, 0ad, rainfall (and snowfall if existing)) will be tied to the map biomes (presuming that we get all the mechanics worked out for that). However, one won't HAVE to play with Seasons turned on as it is a game setup func
  10. He dances so fast, like a dervish, that he creates this big whirlwind all about himself that just blows enemy units away like they are sucked up in a tornado (even eles). He is like the 'divine wind' of the kamikaze that cometh upon the foe wreaking havoc close around.... and after a time he self-destructs blowing himself to smithereens, but everywhere that a bit of him then falls a flower grows and freindly troop morale goes UP because the world is a better place for him having been there. Don't sell a dancing Wijit short.
  11. I'll probably play the Iberians first because I designed that civ first. Then, I'll play the Carthaginians second because I disigned that civ second. Then I'll prolly play all the rest of 'em, too, but I wasn't the principal desingner on any of those. :D BTW, I deliberately picked the Iberians and Carthaginians to design myself because those are the ones that people know the least about (but I had some good help doing that by a professor of Romano-Greco-Iberico history at a university in Spain--Piteas).
  12. Congratulations, Jan, and thank you for your continued dedication to the game project.
  13. Super Units are 'elitist'... if not called elite.
  14. In the regular game, No. Initially, yes, such as standard bearers that would have an impact upon formations, hornblowers, civil engineers and military engineers of three kinds, helmsman for ships, all of which had 'purpose' but they didn't make the cut in our massive reassessment of the Design Doc in the Summer of '03. Why? => All of these units would have required 'additonal micromanagement' in some manner while playing a game session. => Too many unit types adding complexity to the game. => Too many units in that they all also take up pop slots that could be used advantageously '
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