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Council of Modders: We are recruiting!


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If you are a community member of the Wildfire Games' forum, you might already had noticed that a new modding team is being formed, which consist of a few old modding teams. The merge process being almost finished, we discovered that we could use a few additional hands to help us in modding several aspects of game, with the ultimate goal the create an enormous mod pack targeting 0 A.D. in an as large as possible timeframe.

Yes, indeed, this is a quite ambitious goal, but with your help I (and with me the rest of the Council) am sure that we will manage to achieve it!

Let me now explain in what area's you could help us out. We are currently looking for persons capable of fulfilling the following jobs:

Researchers, 3D artists, programmers, Scenario designers, Playtesters & balancers and finally 2D Artists.

A game falls or stands with information. Without, it is impossible to create a historically accurate game like 0 A.D. aims to be. Therefore we need people
who like to dig in history and come up with information, plans to get that information implemented in the right way and finally provide references for the artists around. As already said, we like to get a large timespan so you will get acquainted with all kinds of history and learn lots of it.

3D artist:
In case of 3D artist we have two kinds of jobs:
Animations are needed to get a dynamic moving game. Imagine a game with only static puppets moving around! No one wants to play that! We need therefore people who like to animate all kinds of objects, including ships, animals and units.
Beside animators we do need persons creating the 3D object itself, before it gets animated or textured or something. Modelling a variety of objects you
need to follow the references provided by the researchers (or get them yourselves if you like to do so) and get it usable for the other team members.
Actually you provide a fundamental base for the game to get playable.

Modding includes programming. Therefore we need additional programmers capable of JS-scripting in various aspects of the game. Think of programming
completely new gameplay features but also creating technologies, auras, modifying templates and creating Random Map Scripts and possibly AI scripting. It even is allowed to create your own glsl shaders if you like to!

Scenario Designer:
Of course we like to feature some scenarios of our own specifically created for our own projects. It is also possible to create Random Maps in collaboration with the programmers.

Playtester / Balancer:
To get a nice, playable game we need playtesters. They are there to improve the game's playability and eventually come up with ideas for gameplay
features in collaboration with the researchers. It is also a possibility that it is needed to adjust some stats yourselves. For this you'll need a basic
knowledge of XML (which is very easy to learn I can tell you).

2D artist:
2D artists can choose between various assignments in the following areas:
Conceptual artist:
Being a conceptual artist you'll pick up references and create concepts for it to be used by the 3D modelers. It is also allowed to search for references
yourselves or collaborate with researchers in doing so.
2D designer:
2D designers take care of the UI. Think of designing new buttons, drawing wallpapers and everything you like to do to improve the GUI and create a lot of
other art.

The list has now come to an end. Nothing is prohibited and everything is permitted in our Council (sort of). If you feel that your function is not listed above: feel free to ask if we need you. If you feel you're not skilled enough to apply: we are there to help you improving your skills and get them good enough for you to be part of our team. If you do not exactly match a jobs description: no problem, we can use every hand to help us, also hands that are
not able to (or do not like) certain parts of the jobs. On the other hand: if you might want to fulfill more than one job, you're welcome.

To summarize: Everyone who is interested, whether he is capable or not, unable to spend much time or not, is allowed (or even better: asked) to apply!

To apply, send me a PM or reply at this topic.

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A pleasant day to all!

I'm Shieldwolf, and I am currently active in Empire Earth and Age of Kings Heaven (okay, not that active in AoK these recent months) :ph34r: I have a passion for RTS in general, and historical scenario design in particular. Community members in EEH have stomached my craziness for years now


And the guys over in AoK were threathened / forced (and then regretted?) giving me the 2012 Designer of the Year award. :pilot: Kidding aside, I'm proud of my RTS background and I hope I can be of use here, in 0 AD.

A very good friend of mine introduced me to 0 AD, and ever since, I have always anticipated the updates and major alpha releases. I am also a proud supporter of the Indiegogo campaign (under my real name). Alas! I am, until today, just a mere lurker in the Forums. I hope I can make up for that mistake by offering myself up as a sacrifice to the 0 AD gods. :acute:

I hope you guys will allow me to do so. Looking forward to productive hours with you all!


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I heard the winds whispering there was a legend around. Though I didn't believe at first until I saw the footsteps of ... a wolf. Al mighty! There he is, can't believe it. Feel welcome among our councillors' midst, Shieldwolf!

We have to do something about triggers to allow for campaign editing so that we don't disappoint you. Hopefully Sander & Co can get their trigger patch into 0 A.D. as soon as possible.

In the meantime, what do you think of

I hope you, our honoured wolf (have I been beaten, threatened and forced too? .. at least I don't regret it ) don't mind if I ask you for a github account? There we have combined our repositories for our modworks under one umbrella: The Council of Modders.

I'm sorry, I'm talking too much again. If I continue like this you probably ...> :shutup:

Just wanted to give a quick start with some directions in which to travel for getting known to the realm of map creation ...

Yours Radagast

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Ah, it's all my fault. How could I confuse even such simple things like links? Okay, fixed now. Should never forget to add

or the forum thinks it's a relative link ...

It might take me a while for me to aclimmate, but I promise I shall strive to, Scout's Honor!

No rush. There are no duties here ... only enthusiasm ... and even that can't be every moment of life. :)

The realistic maps now even support the generation of roads. So that means we could really focus on the storyline (triggers,..) and gameplay and adding the details only.

Unfortunately the Massive Map hit some performance limits. That's why we discussed to load maps only partly. This was when we came up with: 'How cool it'd be if we had a chance to change maps on the fly.' The old map's state could be freezed in the meantime.

This would allow for kind of 'expeditions' , e.g. to a far away island in the north ... or simply to fight a famine in the homeland by sailing onto another (naval) map with lots of fish.

I should add it to our list if our councillors agree.

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Hello all,

I recently saw your post on Polycount looking for a Artists, as seen here, and was asked by Niek ten Brinke to introduce myself!

Currently I am an undergraduate at Staffordshire University- about to graduate this may!

When university is over I am able to work much more on the projects, cannot jeopardize quality.

Really into my history mainly European Military history.- especially WW2.

That is why I sent my application your polycount post.

I am mainly a character artist: 3D Sculpting, modelling, unwrapping, texturing, rigging and animating.

My mains skills are 3D Sculpting and Animation. Although I enjoy animation slightly more!

3DS Max, Zbrush, Photoshop, UDK, Blender and GIMP are the main software I used.

Have worked on other game projects before, but always looking to broaden my experiences, knowledge and capabilities whilst making a cool RTS- and one base off history at that!

My portfolio can be viewed here

No Stagnant Skill.


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Welcome to 0 A.D. and to the Council of Modders

niektb and I are part of the management sector and am founder of the Council.

Brief history of the Council:

Recently, we have established a Council amongst our modding teams here, to bolster our initiatives. Realizing that only way to effectively liven up routine and blend extra minds into all the projects to aid in diversity, skill, and cooperation, we quickly fused together as a managing team that strives to see our work through. We also hold true to ourselves loyalty to 0 A.D. as a game, and strive to become it's backbone to ensure its survival, with the intent of introducing and recruiting, artistic, enthusiastic individuals like yourself to be the stone in our walls, which shall steadily grow, transforming our endeavors for 0 A.D. into reality. Breathing life, and animating artistic thought into code. It's by obtaining a multiplicity of skill, in all the variants listed in our recruitment ad, that guarantees and enforces the longevity of RTS's, and RTS in the old school sense (AOE/II) :) So we can hold true to ourselves that stiffy disks and floppy disk drives died out, RTS certaintly won't if we have anything to say about it! :D

And I believe... One of the most crucial and awarding attributes for a Council member here, is a love for history. This is an inspiration focal on putting forward the drive and willingness to apart of such a thing, it's essentially why RTS still exists, is because of people with said inspirations.

0 A.D. is truly in my respect, an RTS that answers for all the demands and WISHES one had in the days of playing Age of Empires. 0 A.D. grants the wishes of accuracy, freedom, features, art, gameplay and more. and designed with modders in mind. So we have the most beautiful facility here to project history in a beautiful engine.

0 A.D. once started as Rome mod, fueled by the same wishes mentioned above. and whilst Rome was in mind during it's creation, it shifted from a mod hybrid into a game of it's own, catering for all the civilizations in the time period. AoE dieing out, outdated and becoming to stagnant in gameplay, it was no surprise how things changed.

So having a passion for Rome, I decided to go ahead and re light the passionate red flame of Rome into a mod project of my own. Simply because my vision of Rome in an RTS is still unsatisfied with what's here. Though 0 A.D. as 100% improvement from previous RTSs, I feel it can be 120%

0 A.D.'s Rome had her done and a bath. My project of Rome, will be it's beautiful sister with long blonde hair in a bright shiny sexy red dress.

I hope you may be a taylor in sowing such a dress :D

We also especially hold strict accuracy and authenticity policies in our work, and as such, you will be seeing plenty of researchers and historical debates happening in these threads, now, and in time to come. This is normal here.

Now with the introduction out of the way, and all the woffling, do make yourself at home.

At this present time, we haven't got anything major to do in terms of tasks. We are still building the Council to a certain point before work really starts to begin. We haven't even got a staff summery to see who is actually in the Council. So there's still a heck of a lit to do. But important thing to remember, is that we are in no rush. Obviously we would like everything now, but we in no rush ;)

We do urge all councilors to include our signature in theirs to define us on the forum.

You will also be included in our PM, for this however, you will have to make 4 more posts before you can be added. Spam protection :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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I feel WWII as a strategic masterpiece where humanity tried to coordinate the whole population to achieve their goals. So essentially everyone was at war, if a factory worker, a sewer or a soldier. All depended on that edgy decision of few persons.

Never seen something more spectacular and that horrible before. Do you prefer the tactics or the scenery , ah I missed it, the protoganists of course as you mentioned you are into characters. Military or civil or mixed?

Anyone tell me if I'm still awake? You must have done all those details with ZBrush? Or Dyntopo in Blender? Low poly models must be an easy sculpting venture for you. Incredible.

(ay guessing have to get our sig image somewhere ... )

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Currently I am at university until May 2014.

How much of a problem is that?

Until them I am rather inactive and cannot commit to much- after all that will jeopardize quality.

Is there not a group chat in Skype for faster communication?

Would be easier to stay in contact through Skype alongside forums.

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