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  1. Lolz I prefer WOLOLOs when I'm not receiving them haha
  2. Ah jeez .... I wasn't being offensive towards leper. You mods woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, or probably coffee deprivation lol
  3. Okay leper is not a cheeky pest, because he didn't reply. He's a martyr lmfao
  4. All roads lead to Rome, any day. And you commented first, so I'm assuming you were the one who hid my post....... So.... Cheeky pest!
  5. Ave fellow Roman I suggest you look out for my next post about this very thing. I write "The Centurion" articles which I discuss Roman topics and strategy. My next article is called "The Roman Way - Strategy Construct of the Beginning of Empire" Ave
  6. Do not delete my announcement you cheeky pest 0 A.D. Is still the best
  7. I can confirm that the Phenom series is out of life. You'll find an X6 on ebay. Evan though the Phenom are a 2009 era chip, they are still more than capable of lasting a good number of years from now. I've owned a Phenom and it really is one of the seven wonders
  8. As thamlett suggested, an AMD chip on either a Sapphire board (Sapphire being my personal favourite) or gigabyte. Rule of thumb with an AMD is to use an AMD GPU as well. Nvidia seems to be sluggish on AMD systems from personal experience. So its birds of a feather flock together in this regard. Then you inevitably can go the Pentium 4 rout as Stan mentioned, but I don't see the logic in that, it will be for 0 A.D. and will not handle other games should you wish to play them. So AMD... Try to avoid the bulldozer chips, and get a Phenom black edition. The bulldozers tend to lag running various GPUs, although there's probably an explanation for it, there isn't much difference than an Phenom. And why you should get an AMD, is because intel is @#$%, out of most budgets, and quality sucks
  9. Having a tight schedule and not being infront of my box is putting a bit of a lul in my mod effort. Hopefully when I find some time, I may devote more time to it :)

  10. The best rush against the Romans is to surrender
  11. Yes, everyone is meant to get one. And being an apprentice, you are still a councilor. That is right. However, that thread is art specific, dealing with those subsets. Should you opt for a different field and a sig, just submit what you'd like to take on, and Stan will take care of the rest, and issue your signatures.
  12. Welcome to the Council. AoK folks are always welcome, we generally do share a lot in common. Thanks guys. Merfy out. In regards to no defined skill set, you may submit a request to become an apprentice, where we will teach you a skill. There's many to choose from. All requests are to be submitted to Stan (Artist, and trainer of COM) @ http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18514#entry289136 Our forum signatures are due, and are a requirement to keep general order on the forum. An official COM signature will be presented to you on request. Regards Romulus COM Management
  13. TES technically does not have one. @MuteLoveStone If we were to compile all your ideas into one project, wouldn't an RTS like this be something to consider? A few factions... Akiiveri Kahjiit armires Imperial Empire Skyrim's civil war Ulfrik VS Jarls Regards Aldmeri Dominion
  14. A fellow Skyrim lover I kept wondering if we need a section for fan art and writings too. I also used to write a lot of Skyrim stuff We'll include you in the Council's programmers group. So the Council hereby officially recognizes MuteLovestone
  15. Cool We'll be happy to put you in our programming team Also, would you know of others that will would like to assist you in this mod? Like any artists, 2D-3D, modelers that sort of thing? We'll be happy to include them in as well.
  16. HAHA LMFAO 10 points ... I read this post late... I was like... WTf... Lmfao
  17. Some important updates made by CoM For the latest official status report here: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18480 For the updated CoM staff structure: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18479 __________________________________ If you are a guest and or a member and you wish to join the Council and contribute to 0 A.D., please submit your request here: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18412&page=3#entry288802
  18. Tooth ferries are linen mite vessels that sail under pillows to harvest teeth. Should not be confused with sexy flutterbys in ballerina shoes
  19. @MuteLovestone Hi and welcome to the most active section on the forum, where it's all happening Firstly, I like your idea of a fantasy mod, though I like a normal RTS rdealing with antiquity, there are times I need my heroes of might & magic fix lol Couple questions; What type of fantasy are you envisioning? There many flavours and types. wizards / dragons / battle mages Necromantic armies VS Mages Tooth ferries VS Toothless toddlers There's lots. Also do you have any personal modding skills? We could submit recruitment ads specially for this effort. lmao
  20. "Enjoy the choice" really fitted well in that post lol
  21. Okay there's been a slight confusion then. I thought he wanted a project. That's okay, he can add it to Aristeia or Millennium
  22. Apart of an Olmecs project? Or part of the Council?
  23. Re read what I stated in this paragraph. "But if he's willing to dedicate time for this project, ask him if he knows of anyone else that wants to join him? Or if he can get others to help him. If we have a convincing interest and following for this, I can arrange to have it done" Contrary. I have kept the gates open. But however, we still in recruiting phase, anyone he can bring to help work on a project like this, will be beneficial.
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